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Interview with Sykora Roberts – Third generation IIN

Podcast 250

I had the pleasure of interviewing my granddaughter, Sykora Roberts. Sykora is currently a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), making her the third generation in our family to attend IIN after myself and her mother.

Sykora shares what inspired her to pursue a career in health coaching and integrative nutrition, as well as her experience so far in the Integrative Nutrition program at the IIN. She discusses some of the unique aspects of the Integrative Nutrition program that have stood out to her and the impact that integrative nutrition can have on both public health and individual lives.

For anyone considering a career in integrative nutrition, I hope Sykora’s story offers encouragement and motivation to follow their passion.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Sykora’s inspiration for joining the IIN and her passion for helping others
  • Sykora’s experience so far at IIN and how it compares to university studies
  • The flexibility and personalized nature of the IIN program
  • Challenges Sykora faced during her studies and how she overcame them
  • Sykora’s advice to others considering a career in nutrition
  • Aspects of the IIN program that stood out to Sykora, like the gut health module
  • Subjects and courses Sykora found most engaging at IIN
  • How IIN addresses nutrition from a global and multicultural perspective
  • Qualities Sykora values in the instructors and mentors at IIN
  • Sykora’s future goals and plans after graduating from IIN

Memorable Quotes

  • “Integrative Nutrition is something that could completely change the world… Once everyone understands what it is and sees it for what it is, it will not only boost public morale, make people a lot happier, but it will also make people a lot healthier.”
  • “If it’s something that you can picture yourself doing, if you really care about helping people, go for it. There’s no room for fear or putting it off just because you’re scared. You won’t succeed.”
  • “Prioritize your tasks… Get the hardest thing done first… and just keep rolling.”



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