Find Your SuperPowers and Share 

We started talking about membership programs a few months ago.  I’d like to work with a small group of health coaches to create membership sites that generates a guaranteed monthly income, and allows you to share whatever it is you have to share in any way you want to share it.

What It Will Look Like:

  1. We’ll have a small Facebook Group
  2. We’ll have an initial one on one meeting
  3. Weekly group screen share with critique
  4. Free Attendance at the June Omaha Event (live or virtual)
You’ll be in our Beta Group, and we’ll be documenting your work for our case studies.  We’ll be invested in your success.

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

We’ll cover:

  • Content
  • Membership Style, Fee, and Plan
  • Launch
  • Retention
  • Referrals

We’ll strategize with you to choose what content you provide and the style and price of your membership plan. No two plans will be the same because they’re designed around your super powers, your niche and the greatest needs of your ideal clients.  You’ll learn your options and set a price and a way to charge.  You’ll plan your membership launch.  We’ll even create a retention plan and a plan to create more business as you go by building with referrals.

This is going to be a lot of one on one, and I want to make sure ahead of time that this is good for you and your business. If you’re interested, email me directly at [email protected]  I’m only going to accept you if I think it’s right for your business. Who should apply?  Hard workers…only hard workers.  Health coaches who will work on this until it’s set up and ready to make money for you.

Schedule a time to talk to me.


  1. Mary Blackburn

    I love this Cathy. I have been thinking about setting up a membership site since 2009, long before I became a health coach, never did it because I had no idea where to begin. I love all the hand holding you are offering as well.

  2. Bridget Phillips

    I am definitely interested in this! I am just getting up and running but am realizing it makes sense to have a membership site and not just share info for free, plus have a steady income coming in! Being able to work 1:1 is a huge plus!

  3. Kindy Kulosa

    Just starting today…now! So far it looks great and feels great too!! I love all the intelligent women that graduated from IIN and how so many like Cathy are out there creating the good for everyone! Thanks Cathy!


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