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Financial Freedom for Health Coaches

Podcast 222

It is possible to achieve financial freedom in your business, without having to compromise your lifestyle in the process.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Extreme approaches to having a business that ultimately leads to compromise
  • Service-based businesses – the pros and cons
  • The 5 stages to a wealth pyramid and the benefits to this framework
  • The biggest trap business owners fall into
  • The rocket fuel you need to scale your business
  • How business owners can spend more time away from their business
  • Understanding how to quantify and package your value 

Jackson Millan – The Wealth Mentor has spent the last 15 years helping service businesses understand the language of money and manufacture financial freedom for themselves and their families.

He has successfully helped over 1,000 clients build in excess of $2 billion in combined wealth and has scaled multiple 7 figure businesses. He is a master of helping business owners make money work for them and turn their business profit into personal wealth.


Memorable Quotes

  • “I am a big believer that you can have your cake and eat it, too.”
  • “It’s very easy for business owners in the service space to fall into this, time for money trap.”
  • “The vast majority of people stay treading water, for the vast majority of their lives.”
  • “ A business is the one most powerful vehicles that you have to create financial freedom in your lifetime.”
  • “Your business should not be a cash-eating monster. It should be a profit-making machine.”


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