Law for Health Professionals

Law for Health Professionals

Podcast 16

Welcome back for another episode of Health Coach Conversations! Want to know more about how to legally protect your business? In this episode Cathy talks with special guest Lisa Fraley. Lisa  is a health coach, went to IIN, and is an attorney. She helps business owners with websites and client agreements, and even has DIY Legal Templates that save people money. It is so important to protect the work we do as coaches and business owners. In this episode, Cathy and Lisa discuss the following topics:

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Protecting your program, online, or brick & mortar business
  • Importance of setting clear expectations
  • Client Agreement and Signed Contract
  • What are you legally allowed to expect as a health coach?
  • What should be included in Terms & Agreement and Contracts?
  • When should you use register for copyright?
  • Copyright issues and violations
  • Cost and recommendations for using DIY Legal Templates
  • Details related to trademarking
  • What are the rules for using stock photos for my program?   
  • Free photo websites and royalty free music
  • Necessity of disclaimer for health coaches
  • Value of a program vs. one on one  
  • What documentation is required for citing studies, information, etc.?
  • Benefits of podcasting for business owners
  • Costs involved with lawyers for trademarking & proof of use
Lisa explains the clearer we are about our expectations with clients at the beginning, the better. No matter what type of program you’re offering, you need to create clarity around your program and have the expectations in writing. Client Agreements do the heavy lifting and help to avoid awkward conversations about refunds, cancellations, and other issues relating to your business.

Cathy discusses her new programs UpLife, Pure, 3 Part Art of Aging and Lisa explains how to set up your own program with legal protection in place. Lisa believes all “clients want to know how to get results and do it well”, so having the right language in your legal documents is crucial to having a successful business.

Lisa shares her 3-prong test to determine if you should trademark the name for your program: Are you passionate about it? Are you making profit from it? What is the potential for its longevity?  

Setting clear boundaries and using the correct language will save you time, money, and energy.

Visit Lisa’s website if you want more resources to legally protect your business the right way

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