List Building Tips
Podcast 129



List Building Tips. An email list is crucial to building your health coach business. As your list grows, consistency is key to remind potential clients of the value you offer and why they should work with you. Listen in as Cathy shares 10 Steps to Create Your List!   

In this episode, Cathy discusses:  

  1. Gather testimonials
  2. Create a squeeze page for your opt-in 
  3. Create a sales video
  4. Create the opt-in form to be placed in your promotions
  5. Plan and schedule a webinar 
  6. Promote your product on social media and other outlets
  7. Create and share a consistent blog, newsletter, or podcast 
  8. Be consistent and energetic on one or two social media platforms  
  9. Create the emails for the opt-in for follow up purposes
  10. Sell something!
Memorable Quotes:

  • “Every day, part of your day should be spent building your list…it’s the number one, first  thing you should do…”
  • “Don’t be afraid to take that final step to sell something.”  


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