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Advertising is one of the most important things you can do for your business.  It can also be scary. There are a lot of limiting beliefs when it comes to putting yourself out into the world.  It’s your responsibility to share your gifts with the world, and how do you do that without telling everyone you’re here?  

Don’t let yourself and your gifts get lost in the crowd.  Narrow your niche, brand your business to authentically speak as you and get out there and start shouting it from the rooftops.  Share your message and share yourself.

Start off 

on the right foot


If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a hundred times.  Narrow your niche.  No one is age 20-40, and a 20 year old, 30 year-old, and 40 year-old are all at totally different points in their lives with health, responsibilities, stress, and social obligations.  You can speak to one or speak to no one.  Your ideal client needs to be specific and you should be able to close your eyes and see him/her, right down to the color of eyes and the brand of shoes they’re wearing.  If you have a clear understanding of who they are and what they feel, want, and need, then you can talk to them in a way that they will hear.  Knowing what they want and need allows you to offer them a solution that is irresistible.  

“Everyone is not your customer.”  Seth Godin

The list

low cost advertising

1.  Create a plan.  We’ve been working with our coaches to create a full year marketing plan that can be implemented ahead of time and gear toward program sales.  This plan not only is meant to create immediate sales, it also builds your brand recognition, which makes selling easier later on.

2.  Is your website up?  Do you have a landing page for an opt-in and for sales?  Your website is your online face.  We have inexpensive Starter-Sites with design and marketing strategies built in.  It has tools especially added for health coaches.

3. Podcast, blog, or both.  This establishes your authority as an expert in your field.  Be sure you source everything you say with credible documentation.  Our sites have SEO built in, make sure you use it to be seen and found on the internet.

4.  Get on Social Media.  The online world is a whole new ballgame in free advertising.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter.  Find out where your ideal client is most likely to be and narrow it down to two social media platforms and be consistent and social.  Remember how important it is to be consistent with food and exercise?  It’s just as important with social media participation.

5.  Get your business card created.  It needs to get out to everyone.  Give them to your customers to share with friends and family.  Send them with Thank You Notes to share with everyone they know – send ten.

6.  Set up an auto-responder.  Infusionsoft if you’re serious and ready to grow, Mailchimp if you’re still a little afraid.  Then give something away for free in exchange for emails and names.  This will create your “LIST” – this list holds the names of future customers.  Nurture them with newsletters and occasional mailings offering tips and opportunities to get into your programs and membership.

7.  Cover all your bases.  While your online business is growing, take advantage of opportunities in your community.  There are networking groups, local Chamber of Commerce, altruistic organizations, churches, schools, gyms, and clinics. Participate and take your cards and share your website.  Always give more than you expect to get.  This is the kind of opportunity that pays off in unexpected ways.

8.  Once you’ve gotten active in your community, get active in online communities and do the same. Join groups that attract your ideal client.

9.  Public relation opportunities abound.  Send information to your church, school, newspaper, and magazines.  Let them know what’s going on.

10.  Partner with companies who share the same type of clients as you.  Offer something for their customers and allow them to do the same for yours.  Be sure the company shares your values and has a truly valuable product for you client.

11,  Form affiliate relationships with businesses who have something valuable for your ideal client.

12.  Make a list of publications who share your ideal client and send article to be published on their publication or blog. 

13.  Make a list of podcasts who share your ideal client and offer to be interviewed.

14.  Ask for referrals, then ask again, then ask again.  Referrals are your best source for new customers.  The sales are easy because there is social proof.

15.  Offer to speak at conferences, workshops, events, libraries, gyms, and churches.

16.  Do webinars, workshops, and lunch and learns.  Close with a call to action.  (Ask them to buy.)

17.  Record the webinars, workshops, and lunch and learns you do and put them on Vimeo or YouTube.

18.  Visit local health practitioner offices and leave a brochure and business card.

19.  Put a sign on the side of your car. 

20.  Offer a free consultation that ends with a call to action.

21.  Send samples out to potential clients.  Sponsor an event with samples.

22.  Donate a wellness program or coaching call for silent auctions.

23.  Hire a sales person and pay them on commission.  These are the best bills to pay!

24.  Partner with other wellness practitioners and throw a party!  Invite everyone’s list to the party (virtual or live) and share value with quick wins.  

25.  Advertise on social media, it may cost more than it did, but it’s still cheap.

That should keep you busy for a while.  We would all love it if you would add any ideas you have in the comments below.

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