Lessons in Leadership

for Health Coaches

This is one of my favorite topics ever.  Done for you programs.  It’s really a no-brainer.  We have this new program we’re getting ready to release that is incredible.  It is so complete, it could be a health coach’s whole business.  The new program has credibility with approval from doctors, dietitians, psychologists, spiritualist, and personal trainer.  It would take you thousands, and thousands of dollars and thousands of hours, not to mention, the project management, marketing, design, and administration expertise to get it done.

We have the approvals, the expertise, design, and the experience to get it done quite a bit faster, plus, when we have as much interest in a program as this, we can split the cost a lot of ways.  It just makes sense.

This program is gorgeous.  The images and colors help us to feel exactly the way that I meant for all people who go through the program will feel; peaceful, healthy, and centered.

     Make it your reflection

Brand it to shout your name.

As beautiful and perfect the program is, it’s so important that the program you are sharing with your clients are a reflection of you.  Branding should apply from the minute you walk into your office, to your card, to how you speak, how you represent yourself, how you choose your programs, build your website, …and deliver your programs.  At the very least, your program needs to have your name on it.  Even better, your program will look like your brand.  Then to go one further, the program needs to fit the needs of your clients to move them step by step from where they are now to where they envision themselves after reaching their goals.

     Built-in Branding Tools

We’ve made it easy to brand these programs.

I’ve always thought it was important to brand everything to your company.  3,000 health coaches can provide valuable information to their clients/patients through online courses, and they don’t all have to look alike.  We have a ton of great programs. Our company has branding packages where we’ll do it for you.  We’ve done thousands of customizations over the years, and they all look different and specific to our customers.

We also give instruction on how to do this yourself.  You can change the style, color, and the words.  If it’s physician approved, you’ll need to get the physician to approve your changes.

Our program modules are all done in Microsoft PowerPoint.  You can easily make changes with Windows or an Apple Computer because PowerPoint is available to both.  The beauty of the PowerPoint modules, is that you can make page changes globally.  That means one change that can be made one time and show up on all the pages.  Saves time and is very professional looking.  It’s consistent, consistency is one of the most important design principles.  The other glory of PowerPoint modules is that you can turn a module into a webinar presentation on demand.  Easy and multi-purpose.

We have many tutorials teaching how to customize your programs.  There is one with every single program download.  There are additional workshop type tutorials in the Mentoring Mondays and Vimeo.

Why not take a picture of yourself preparing a meal, then make it the cover of the program recipe book.

You can have your picture taken during activities and put the discussion points on your pictures.

Branding can make all the difference in your program and your business.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
Steve Jobs


Moving the modules to fit the needs of your customer.

When we create a program, we look at where the customer is when they come to you.  We set up a model of movement from their current circumstance to their ideal result.  If you put it into 7 steps, each step would represent where they are and how they feel.

Then, we recreate the steps and each step represents what it’s going to take, what information, support, goal, actions, and time, to get from one step to the next.

We have different goals depending on the amount of time we have in a program.  In the 7 Day Gut Transformation, we can’t hope to develop habits.  That’s not even practical.  We have to decide what is the best we can do for our client/patient in the period of 7 days.  We’ve given your people everything they need to know to heal a leaky gut in 7 days.  That’s not enough.  After that, they need to practice every single principle they learned.  You need to work with them individually.  We have, however, seen a lot of improvement in those 7 days.  It’s amazing what a nutrition change can do and how fast physical relief can show up.  We are currently creating an extended gut program with recipes to develop habits and get to the final goal of a healed gut.

With this new 365 day program, we have time to accomplish a lot.  Tony Robbins used to preach about constant and never-ending improvement.  If you get someone into the 365-day program and do it year after year, we have the potential to create immense change, then more ongoing improvement.  You can not be too healthy, that is impossible.  Next year we’ll have NHI Year II in October.

Here’s the thing, while this new program literally is perfect for any gender, any age, any situation, your people may be generally coming in with one circumstance.  This program can and should be modified by moving modules around, to fit the needs you see when you set up this step by step transitional recipe for your customers.  You may want to change up the delivery sequence.  It’s easy.  We’ve made it easy for you to customize this to your people’s needs.

     Present it in your voice.


Most of our programs come with video, some with audio.  We’ve made it easy for you, with instruction and scripts, to voice-over the presentations.  This is the ultimate in branding and personalizing your program to you.  Plus it’s easy.

     Further Reading

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I have a really special surprise for you.  A book on branding that you can have for free.  Keep it with you and use it for everything.  Even if you decide that you love a new color and it goes with something…find a way to adapt it to your brand.  Don’t trail off because it will confuse your image, your story, and your product.  TIP for NHI- these are all natural colors, you should be able to easily adapt another color that tells people that this is your program.

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