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Managing Your Health Information Became Easier in 2021

Managing Your Health. Thanks to the 21st Century Cures Act, managing our health information became a lot easier in 2021.  Health information became available to us at no charge, usually through our patient portal, including any notes that our doctors or other experts made about test results or summaries of care.  You may notice that every time you see your doctor or care provider, they’re jotting notes with notes, diagnosis, treatments, or other information that is applicable to your visit.  In the past, these notes were hard to obtain.  Now, the law makes it a standard of care that you receive this information upon request.


Why Read Notes

  • Allow you to share your health information with family and caregivers
  • Help you to understand information shared during an appointment and answer questions that may come up after a visit
    • Allow you to keep more accurate health records
    • Allow you to share more accurate information with future health practitioners
    • Help you to catch mistakes after a visit

    Hopefully, sharing notes will build communication, trust, accuracy, and relationships between the patient, caregiver, and clinics, labs, and institutions.  It will take some work on the part of all to work together for a better outcome.

    You can imagine where there may be problems with misunderstanding abbreviations, and where some things may need to be said in a more diplomatic or clear statement.  It may be important for all of us to go back to the chapter on emotional intelligence and assertiveness vs. passive aggressive behavior for a while to get things done without hurt feelings and in a friendly, productive manner.


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