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Mental Fitness IS The NEW Physical Health

Podcast 231

Investing in your mental health and well-being is not only smart but necessary in the modern world. Today’s guest, Jeffrey E. Berger shares why your mental fitness really matters in the modern world and how individuals can achieve overall health and wellness.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Jeffrey’s transition from a corporate software engineer to a certified health coach
  • The significance of the microbiome for overall health
  • The three brains that we all have — the brain, gut, and the heart 
  • Things people need to be aware of regarding physical, mental, and emotional health
  • The importance of holistic health in today’s world
  • About humanitarian entrepreneurs and Jeffrey’s mission as one
  • Jeffrey’s advice to invest in personal health and wellness

Jeffrey E. Berger is the CEO and founder of Abundance in Optimum Wellness, an expert speaker, certified health and integrative coach, certified holistic wellness coach, and contributing author to multiple publications, including “It’s OK To NOT Be OK,” “Wellness Wisdom Volume 2,” and “This Is Your Life… OWN IT! Unapologetically – The Anthology,” and contributing author for several magazines, including Phoenix Fitness Fanatics, OWN It!, and MUPO Entertainment Magazine. 

He is also a producer and host of the TV series “Holistic Mental Fitness” on MUPO TV Syndication, a recording artist, and the creator of “Living a GBX Lifestyle Program” utilizing Eat-Move-Sleep. He is a humanitarian entrepreneur who is helping to lead the Holistic Global Mental Wellness Revolution.

Memorable Quotes

  • “At no time in human history have we ever been so advanced technologically and yet so miserably, psychologically?”
  • “There is really no physical health without mental wellness.”
  • “Everything is a choice, even your health because if you don’t invest in your health today, you’ll definitely be investing in your illnesses in the future.”


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