Middle Eastern Beetroot and Avocado on Toast from the Mediterranean Recipe Book in the Stress Program

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Beetroot and Avocado on Toast

March is Nutrition Month.  I’ll be sharing recipes from some of the recipe books from our programs this month!  Today it’s Middle Eastern Beetroots and Avocado on Toast (YUMM)  It’s from the Stress Program.



1 large pre-cooked beetroot

1 tbsp of dried cranberries (sugar-free)

3-4 Medjool dates

1/4 tsp of chopped fresh jalapeno pepper

1/2 tsp of freshly ground cumin seeds

2 small sprigs of fresh basil or coriander

2 tsp shelled sunflower seeds

1/8 tsp Himalayan salt (optional)

2 slices of fresh artisan whole grain bread (or Ezekial Bread)


TIMER 20 min              SERVINGS 4





  • Beetroot Chutney.  Soak the cranberries overnight.  Drain the cranberries, and pat them with a cloth to remove the moisture.  Grate the beetroot into a medium bowl.  Mash the Medjool dates and add them to the beetroot.  Add the rest to the ingredients.  Mix, cover, and set aside.
  • Peel and slice the avocado.  Chop the basil and coriander.  Toast the bread and spread the beetroot chutney onto the toast.  Place sliced avocado on top of the chutney.  Sprinkle with optional Himalayan salt, followed with sunflower seeds.  Top with chopped fresh coriander.

The Mediterranean Diet was included with the Stress Program because studies show that this anti-inflammatory dietary way of eating:

  • reduced sympathetic activity 
  • the reduced cortisol response to acute stress and ACTH challenge
  • delayed age-related increases in sympathetic activity and cortisol responses to stress 
  • as a strategy to increase stress resilience 

This dietary theory is a generally accepted healthy way of eating and can be adapted for plant-based eating.

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