Mindset Shifts Equals Possibilities

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We all know from working with our clients that mindset can be everything.  It shifts our thoughts from closed to open and unlimited.  Without an open mindset, we don’t see the opportunities that are in front of us.  If we don’t see them, we can’t take advantage. Shift your mindset to recognize what can be.

I sit down with coaches to go over the costs of getting into business.  Many haven’t budgeted things out and are astounded and even depressed when they see that coaching and creating a business online is time consuming and expensive. Really surprising is the number of coaches, now business people, who haven’t even opened their mind to the possibilities of income.  When I start moving the number of customers and the amount of the membership fee around, they are in awe of the possibility that is there.  And everyone who is reading this knows that health coaches are needed.  There are a lot of us, but there will never be enough to take care of the people who need us.


Mindset Magic

One of my most popular blogs ever was the one where I talked about getting out of your own way.  We are the ones who stand between us and success.  I can’t believe that I hadn’t done a mindset program before.

A group of coaches have been going through the new Mindset program and have participated as well if not better than the 30-Day Challenge and Clutter Cleanse.  The Mindset program has incredible reviews.


Stephanie “I have enjoyed it I can see how this could be a great starting point for my clients. Is it necessary to do it via FB every time or can it be done successfully in a one on one setting as well.”

Roo “I like the questions and prompts. I feel like there could be more discussion or explanation around the questions and then follow up after it’s been discussed talking about the mind set changed it helped bring about.”


Ruth “These questions & little exercises bring awareness and prompt you to do a daily check in for improvement!”


Francesca “Not only are thoughts powerful, our words are powerful as well. Creating a daily affirmation brings awareness of just how powerful both our thoughts and words are when used together to attract positive outcomes in our lives. I’m enjoying the content especially the three changes of the day, it brings more awareness of what I have to be grateful for. I’d love ? to do another week as well and I do believe this program will be beneficial before starting a client on a lifestyle program of any type. Great job Cathy and your team.”

Mary “I agree that this could totally be beneficial to use with clients before they would start any of the programs. I really like being able to go through this as our clients would. And yes, I would really love to continue for another week.”

Janice “I agree that this could be beneficial to incorporate into any program to keep clients motivated.”

Alexis “I have really enjoyed it, the questions make me mindful of where I have been, where I am now and where I want to be in the future. I would probably incorporate into a program.”

Tana “Fantastic affirmations and questions to get me thinking! Yes, I would love to continue next week.”

Amy “It really allows getting in tune with going deep. That way they will get really good solutions and not just superficial ones.”

Jessica “ I have enjoyed the prompts, and feel it’s a great start to gets clients interested…my only downfall is being consistent with getting on FB.”

Darcy “Cathy, this is phenomenal! I see this module as a starter program for my clients to transition them into a place of coachable change. I love the bright and clean graphics in the workbook. My personal preference would be to have the day added to each section, whether it’s the specific day of the week or Day 1, Day 2… I also tend to write out my thoughts in pen, so maybe make the graphics smaller (to save on colored ink) and add some lined space for spontaneous writing and reflection. The best part of this week was the commonality and vulnerability we shared so openly. This is no small thing that takes a vast amount of courage and stepping out of the usual comfort zone. Continue for another week? ABSOLUTELY! Bring it on, sister!”

Martha “I enjoy the prompts. I think it is helpful to help transition clients to the longer programs. It starts to introduce them to habits that will help with their success.”

Nancy “Loved it. Makes one think in the positive vs the negative. Very beneficial and interactive.”

Catherine “I really liked it and would like to continue!! It kept me present, and more aware. It will be very helpful with clients. Thank you.”

Estella “ This program has been great so far. It’s great for self-inspection and to re-focus on your goals.  I can see how this will prepare clients for healthy lifestyle changes.”

Cheryl “I really enjoyed it and feel it would be a great fit for any program Mindset is the foundation of wellness. I love all the affirmations, tips and graphics.”

Tifany “I see this as a wonderful lead into NHI.”

when we need it most

Sometimes it’s hard to adopt a growth mindset.  After a week where we’ve worked our hardest to make things happen, and it seems like everything’s gone backwards.  This is the time that having habits that support mindset is so important.  It’s important that we acknowledge what doesn’t work, getting out of a limited view and expanding your thought to the broader picture helps, and the sooner we do that, the faster we move-on.  

To take control of your reactions and your mindset is a great power.  

do you or your clients need a shift?

This is the fourth and final week of our health coaches going through the Mindset Reset and the program is on sale.  If you want to offer this to your clients, you can order it here today and enrich their experience.  We’ve been shifting our mindset and this week, we’ll purposely go in and learn how to purposefully change to growth and empowerment.

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