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That You May Love Too


First – I have to confess.  I LOVE BOOKS AND READING.  I have six walls of bookcases.  A couple of years ago, I donated a bunch, and I consistently give children’s books and don’t keep them around long.  If I see a good recommendation, I order it on Amazon right away because the title slips from my memory as the day progresses.

I’ve read 98% of the books in my house.  About four years ago I started compiling a list of my favorite books.  Since then, I’ve started reading books for research as much as enjoyment or to forward my health.  So, when I list some of the books here, it may not mean that I agree with everything they say, just that I found the books useful and would recommend them if it is a topic that interests you.

There are a couple that I think I have grown away from a little, but they are still excellent books and are especially appropriate for different levels of readiness.  As a Health Coach, the more that I read, the more that I have to offer.

As an individual, the more that you read, the more you will understand and the better you can take care of yourself.  As a business person, the more you read – the more you have to draw from.  That is why I am sharing some of the better books with you here.

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”  Marcus Cicero

Here is a list of books that I’ve read and thought you should know too.


They are full of great facts and recipes!


Health and Nutrition

Eating In the Raw. Alt, C. (2004). New York: Clarkson Potter/Publishers.
The Raw 50. Alt, C. (2007). New York: Clarkson Potter/Publishers.
Thrive. Brazier, B. (2007). Canada: Penguin Group.
Thrive Fitness. Brazier, Brendan (2009). Canada: Penguin Group
Whole Foods to Thrive. Brazier, Brendan (2011). Canada: Penguin Group
Modern Day Macrobiotics. Brown, S. G. (2005). UK: Carroll & Brown Publishers Ltd.
The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health. T Colin Campbell, P. a. (2006). Dallas: BenBella Books, Inc.
Forks Over Knives. T Colin Campbell, PhD and Caldwell B Esselstyn, Jr, MD,  (2011). New York: The Experiment, LLC.
Crazy Sexy Diet. Carr, Kris. (2011). Guilford, CT: Pequot Press.
Living On Live Food. Cohen, Alissa. (2004). Laguna Beach: Cohen Publishing.
Super Immunity. Furhrman, Joel, MD.  (2011). New York: Harper Collins.
Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity. Howell, Edward, MD.  (1994). Chicago: Lotus Press
Enzyme Nutrition. Howell, Edward MD.  (1985)USA: Avery Books
The Blood Sugar Solution. Hyman, Mark, MD (2012). New York: Hyman Enterprises
RAW, The UNcook Book.  Juliano, (1999).  New York: Harper Collins.
Live Raw. Kirk, Mimi (2012). New York: Skyhorse Publishing
Real Food Fermentation. Lewin, Alex (2012). Beverly: Quarry Books.
The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse.  Moritz, Andreas. (2007). Berkeley: Ulysses Press
Forever Young. Perricone, Nicholas M. (2010). New York: Simon & Shuster, Inc.
Molecules of Emotion. Pert, Candace B., PhD.  (1997). New York: Scribner.
Color Me Vegan. Patrick-Goudreau, C. (2010). Beverly, MA: Fairwinds Press.
Transformation. Phillips, Bill. (2010). Los Angelos: T-Media, Inc.
Superfoods Rx. Pratt, Steven M. (2004). New York: HarperCollins Publishers.
Spark; The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain.  Ratey, John J. (2008). New York: Little Brown and Company.
Sharing the Health. Sykora, Cathy. (2012).  Omaha: Sykora Publishing.
Superfoods.  Wolfe, David. (2009). Berkeley: North Atlantic Books.
Clean. Junger, Alejandro. (2012) HarperOne
Revive.  Lipman, Frank. (2011) Pocket Books, New York
Body Ecology Diet. Gates, Donna. (2011) Hay House
Chemotherapy Diet. Herbert, Mike. (2012) CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Wheat Belly. Davis, William. (2014) Rodale Books
Bullet Proof Diet.  Asprey, Dave. (2014) Rodale Books
Food is Medicine Series. Clement, Dr. Brian. (2012) Hippocrates Publications
The Mayo Clinic Diet by The Weight Loss Experts at the Mayo Clinic. (2013) Da Capo Lifelong Books
Paleo Solution  Wolf, Robb. (2010) Victory Belt Publishing
Strong Women Stay Young  Nelson, Miriam (2005) Bantam
Body Ecology – Growing Younger Gates, Donna. (2013)
Bean by Bean. Dragonwagon, Crescent. (2012) Workman Publishing Company
Sick & Tired. Young, Dr. Robert. (2000) Woodland Publishing
Ultra Prevention. Hyman, Mark. (2005) Atria Books
Ultra Metabolism Hyman, Mark. (2008) Atria Books
Super Immunity. Fuhrman, Joel. (2013) HarperOne
The Liver Cleansing Diet. Cabot, Dr. Sandra. (2008) SCB International
The Healing Code. Loyd, Alexander. (2013) Grand Central Life & Style
Lights Out. Wiley, T.S. (2001) Atria Books
Pain Free. Egoscue, Peter. (2000) Bantam
Subtle Body. Dale, Cyndi. (2009) Sounds True
The Edge Effect Braverman, Eric. (2005) Sterling
Mind-Body Harmony. Willard, Terry. (2004) Sarasota Press

Spiritual and Self-Awareness

Fire Starter Sessions. LaPorte, Danielle. (2014) Harmony
The Desire Map. LaPorte, Danielle. (2014) Sounds True
May Cause Miracles. Bernstein, Gabrielle. (2014) Harmony
Molecules of Emotion. Pert, Candace B. (1999) Simon & Schuster
The Biology of Belief. Lipton, Bruce H. (2007) Hay House
A Course in Miracles. Williamson, Marianne (2008) Foundation for Inner Peace
Letting Go Coburn, Karen Lavin and Treeger, Madge Lawrence. (2016) William Morrow Paperbacks
Five Love Languages. Chapman, Gary. (2004) Northfield
The Fifth Agreement. Ruiz, Don Miguel. (2011) Amber-Allen Publishing
You Still Give Me Butterflies Corn, Laura. (2010) Park Avenue Publishers, California
Making Sense Out of Suffering Kreeft, Peter. (1986) Servant
The Purpose Driven Life. Warren, Rick. (2013) Zondervan
How to See Yourself as You Really Are. Dalai Lama. (2007) Atria Books
Surprised by Truth. Madrid, Patrick. (1994) Basilica Press
The Happy Book. Kempster, Rachel. (2009) Sourcebooks, Inc.


Blue Ocean Strategy. Kim, W. Chan and Mauborgne, Renee. (2015) Harvard Business Review Press
Who. Smart, Geoff. (2008) Ballantine Books
The One Thing. Keller, Gary
Vibrant Nation Reily, Stephen Orsborn, Carol. (2010) Vibrant Nation
Marketing to the Affluent. Stanley, Dr. Thomas J. (1997) McGraw-Hill Education
GROW to Greatness. Hess, Edward D. (2012) Stanford Business Books
How to Prosper During the Hard Times Ahead. Ruff,Howard. (1999) Regnery Publishing
ROAR. Daum, Kevin. (2010) Wiley
The Ultimate Sales Letter. Kennedy, Dan S. (2011) Adams Media
Fascinate. Hogshead,  Sally (2016) Harper Business
Raving Fans. Blanchard, Ken (1993) William Morrow
From Losers to Winners. Sherman, V. Clayton. (1987) AMACOM; Revised edition
Launch. Walker, Jeff (2014) Morgan James Publishing
The Slight EDGE.  Olson, Jeff (2013) Greenleaf Book Group Press
Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. Harnish, Verne. (2002) Gazelles, Inc.
Leadership from the Ground Up Luminary Series. (really a course), Giuliani, Rudi. (2004) Luminary
Double Double. Herold, Cameron. (2011) Greenleaf Book Group
Good to Great.  Collins, Jim. (2001) HarperBusiness

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***If you are reading this now…we are going to be adding more variety in nutrition books and some great self-awareness and business books and coaching in the next two weeks.


That’s a few books, and I left a lot of the controversial books out.   I added my book in!  It was my first online business venture as THCG.  It was fun, educational and rewarding.  All proceeds go to JDRF; I just saw that they could use some more money in this year’s campaign.  So I am including the link.  It was a great first move toward online marketing for me and nice to contribute to a great cause. 


I am sorry if I forgot some.  I will come back and add them.

I have evolved a bit in nutrition.  I believe that Bill Phillips has excellent books on exercise and fitness.  Bill has created a road to wellness for 1000’s of people.  I think if you are beginning your journey to wellness and have a lot of weight to lose and want to mainstream your diet…there is nothing wrong with “Eating For Life”.  Hopefully, after you have been at it for a while and have regained your shape and your health, you will evolve beyond all the processed whey, wheat and dairy products that are in his book and begin to use more whole foods and vegetables.  Transformation is an excellent look at necessary personal changes and helps to straighten out the spiritual and emotional things that keep you from being in a healthy place.

If you have a loved one with cancer, I hope you will share Kris Carr’s book.

It is excellent.  She is my hero.  It is excellent even if you don’t have cancer.  She is a little raunchy, cute and brilliant.  The information that she puts forth in her book is necessary.  Everyone should read it.  I have loaned and given this book away.  She has another book; Crazy Sexy Health.  She also has an e-book out, which I am partial too because I was a contributor…”Crazy Sexy Juices and Succulent Smoothies”.  I will guarantee that any book you get from Kris will have ten times the valuable information than you expect when you purchase it.  I was able to meet her at our Health Mastery Event at last November!


If you don’t want to read “Forks Over Knives,” I suggest you get the DVD or watch it on Netflix.  It will change the way you look at food forever.

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