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All my life…I was the one who applauded when everyone else won free stuff.  Lately, though, I’m feeling lucky.

On October 3rd (my parents anniversary and the day after mine), I received this email:

Hi Cathy,

First off, I want to say that I am a huge fan of your blog! I work for Tomorrow Sleep, a new sleep company that designs and manufactures a holistic sleep system for sleep-conscious consumers. We are really focused on teaching consumers how sleep changes your life and although our daily health relies on it,  people are consistently not getting enough sleep. Also, having the right tools really makes all the difference in a good night’s sleep. I know sleep is very hard to come by today which is why I would love to speak to you more about how we could work together to spread this message.

More about Tomorrow Sleep: We sell a smart sleep system with our mattress being the MVP. The system includes pillows, sheets, comforter, drapes and then on the tech side a Sleeptracker that records your quality of sleep based on certain metrics. You can buy each of the products separately, but the idea is that a better night’s sleep isn’t just about the mattress but about an entire ecosystem. While we are our own separate entity, we’re backed by Serta Simmons Bedding and thus have over a century worth of research, development, and insights into sleep. So different than the other bed in a box companies, we’re selling a hybrid bed — a real bed — with the highest quality materials and we’re truly direct to consumer.

I have attached our brand deck for you to review. Look forward to hearing back from you.



Well, I get many requests to work together to “spread the message” every day.  I tried a couple of times with MLM’s, and it just didn’t work out because it was a conflict of interest.  I mostly keep to being a consumer with those types of businesses now.  So – the email was archived without a response.

Two weeks later I received this:

Hi Cathy,

Following up on my previous email. We would love to send you a mattress plus two accessories, worth around $1,500, in exchange for an honest review on your website along with one or two other blog posts throughout a month period and two – three posts on your Facebook and Instagram page over a four – six week period. The blog posts do not necessarily have to be about Tomorrow Sleep and can be about anything you want to speak to your audience about regarding sleep as long as we are mentioned in the post.



My husband and I had just talked about getting a new bed.  It seemed like we just bought our bed a year or so ago…but it’s been a while.  We sleep on a very firm mattress because between a broken neck in his 30’s, a pin in his shoulder from a football injury and abused legs from cross country, my husband is pretty miserable at times and a firm bed is what he needs.  I was afraid of getting a bed that wasn’t as comfortable for me.  He’s been feeling worse and worse lately, and we’d just decided it was time to make a change.  Then along comes this offer for a free bed.  How lucky can a girl be?

So, I agreed, and it was on its way.  A box came while I was gone.  It was about 2 1/2 ft x 2 1/2 ft by 4 ft.  Gary told the UPS guy that there was no way it was a bed.  It weighed 135 lbs.  The UPS guy explained that the mattress needed to be placed on the frame or box springs and then open the package and “jump” out of the way because it would unfold on its own.  It didn’t unfold so fast that you had to jump.  The sides weren’t defined, they were soft.  There was one little 2×2″ sheet of paper, and it had a QR code and a URL.  That was it.  I thought it was impressive that they saved paper like that.  Nice and clean and everything I needed was on the internet at that URL. Then it told me exactly what to do to set up the sleep tracker.

I’ve waited a while to write this because I was pretty leary. It seemed important to report any bad with the good and especially important not to report anything good about the bed and find out there were problems after.

Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

My Report

On the first night, I fell in love with the sheets. I buy 225 thread count because high thread count has always had a heavy sateen feel and it’s too hot. I have 1200 thread count sheets in the sheet cabinet and they’ve only been used once.  I’m picky, I normally order them from Pine Cone Hill.  I ordered an extra set of the Tomorrow Sheets right away.  They are a high thread count, but woven in a way that they are crisp and cool all the time.


I messed up the first night and had the sleep tracker sensors reversed for my husband and I.  I slept like a rock and he woke up a lot. He woke up without a sore neck for the first time in months.  I thought he was just imagining it. In addition, his back has stopped hurting.


I don’t have anything to compare it to because I don’t hurt.  I used to wake up at night hot and sweaty and those sheets have solved that, until our old sheets went back on, then I got hot again.  We got the spare set of sheets in, put them back on and the problem was solved.  I feel good and I’m sleeping well, maybe even too good, I’m probably sleeping an hour more a night.  I don’t honestly know if its the bed or if I am doing a good job of eliminating stress during the day.

After a few weeks…

Gary still wakes up a lot.  I don’t.  Gary feels good. He says he wakes up refreshed.  He’s almost like a new man.  He is extremely happy and attributes the way he feels to the bed. He likes the sleep tracker. He’s suffered from lower back problems for several years. I don’t see where he’s made any of the suggested improvements from the tracker.  If he were to start following the suggestions – like eliminating television an hour or so before bed, it would help.  I feel like if he gave up news altogether he’d sleep better too…but that’s a whole other topic.

The sleep tracker isn’t always accurate, but surprisingly, with the sensor under the mattress, it sure gets a lot right.  I can tell its correct when it separates out the light, heavy, and rem sleep.  I know because I wake up from dreams and it’s marked as REM.  I think that’s amazing.  Sometimes it says I’m awake when I’m not.  It also sometimes says I’m asleep when I’m not, but, that’s only happened twice when I had a migraine and wasn’t moving.  It has a nice alarm, but I don’t need that.  I wake up on my own and if I can sleep in, no one will fire me.

To be honest, I haven’t followed any of the advice on the sleep tracker either.  It told me today to give up caffeine early in the day.  I drink tea from morning to night, as long as I don’t have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, I’m going to leave it.  It keeps my iron levels lower.

The sleep tracker even tells you your heart rate and your breathing rate.  Then it compares you to other people your age.  I can see a difference when my stress level changes.

When the mattress came all rolled up in that little box, I told Gary not to get rid of our old mattress just in case.  The corners have filled out, the bed is very comfortable and we’re both ready to dispose of the old mattress now.

The bed comes with accessories.  I’m going to order the pillows and comforter.  We have custom made blackout drapery with layers of lining and interlining, so I won’t order their blackout curtains, but if I didn’t have them, I would get them too, at least as a liner. They look nice and are grommeted.

I have a couple customers who I worked with in the past on sleep.  Believe it or not, it wasn’t as a health coach but as an interior designer ( I was a designer for 34 years). I had a customer who’s daughter was missing school because she was sleepless since she started her period.  The parents were being threatened with arrest because she’d missed so much school.  They were at their wit’s end.  I would love to give my son a Tommorrow bed and Sleep Tracker- but he’s in England.  He has trouble falling asleep.  He’s so smart, it’s hard for him to slow his thoughts to fall asleep (I’m not just saying that because I’m his mom :).  He’s had trouble sleeping for a long time.  I can see where this would be good for lots of people.

I agreed, as part of this arrangement to do another blog or two.  So, the next blogs won’t be about our experience with the bed, but to give you some advice to change your environment and habits to improve your sleep.  I’ll also be interviewing a sleep expert or two.


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  1. Reba Linker

    Interesting, Cathy! What a timely proposal and I’m glad you took it up and it’s working out for you and your hubby. One question: it sounds like there are a lot of ‘electronics’ and sensors in the bed. Are you at all uncomfortable with that (rays and all that) and can you disable those functions if you wish? It’s great that the bed helps you unplug. I guess I’m asking if your bed can also unplug!

    • Cathy

      The electronic part is a small piece (about 2×4) that is manually inserted under the mattress and easily removable. I’ll have more on the safety in another article. Thanks for bringing up this point.

  2. Candess M. Campbell, PhD

    This is interesting Cathy. I would be interested in a future blog of yours continuing to give an update and also maybe a rating, like A – F. I have a lot of clients who have sleep issues and a valid recommendation is precious.

    • Cathy

      Stay tuned 🙂

  3. Mary Blackburn

    Wow! First off, congratulations on getting a free bed. How exciting! This was a very informative post on the Tomorrow Sleep. I look forward to your follow-up posts. This sounds like it may be just what I need.

  4. Lynne

    Wow! I’m envious – I need a new bed!! I look forward to your next blog about this. So glad it seems to be working for you.

  5. Meghan

    There’s nothing like a night of peaceful slumber! I am keenly aware of this since I e had trouble sleeping since forever. Melatonin and a Sleep Number bed have helped, but I’m always looking for advice and hints. I’m looking forward to your other posts! Like Candess, I hope you update us on your experience. I’m a bit on the fence about tech being so close to me at night, but I love much about the system!

  6. Beverley Golden

    I so need a new bed too! I am somewhat reluctant, for all the same reasons you were. Sleep is probably one of my biggest issues, so as a start or to see if it really was my mattress, I just got a My Pillow. I love it, as I find I am sleeping better and more deeply.

    The Tomorrow Sleep company sounds like they make incredible products. How wonderful they showed up at the perfect time for you and your husband and it sounds like you both are experiencing wonderful results. I think you made the right decision to say ‘yes’ to them and to now share your experience with all of us.

  7. Joyce Hansen

    There are now a number of devices to measure your sleep cycles, where you should be getting 5-6 cycles of REM each night. One of the ways to measure has been to include measuring devices in the mattress as opposed to wearing a monitor. Either way, it’s important to review the information to make sure you are getting the property quality of sleep. There a number of things that affect sleep including mattresses, pillows and sleep positions. But, you also have to look at the body’s circadian cycles and the amount of exposure to light prior to going to sleep. Computer screens without a blue light adjustment also interfere with the body’s melatonin production which kicks in the onset of sleep. It’s great that you get to try out a new mattress and see what it does to improve your sleep.

  8. Tamuria

    Congratulations on getting the new, free bed, Cathy. It sounds amazing. The sheets sound fantastic – I hate waking in the middle of the night because I’m feeling too hot. It will be interesting to read your follow up and good sleep tips.

  9. Marla Evans, MNT FDNP

    What a timely post! My husband and I are looking for a new mattress but want one that is non-toxic. Mattresses are a significant source of VOC’s which can off-gas for years. We certainly don’t want that!

    The company’s web site makes no mention of this issue . I see multiple layers of foam (high VOC’s) which would be held together by glue (another high VOC). They don’t mention what they’re using as the federally required fire retardant (a HIGH source of cancer causing VOC’s).

    This issue would make a good followup topic for your blog post on sleep.

    • Cathy

      There is a lot of conflicting information out there. I see ratings on the internet that aren’t accurate and think that this may be almost as confusing as knowing what to eat for health.

      This is the info you were looking for

      I will have more information on VOC’s soon. Thanks for your comments and for reading this. Good luck with your search!

  10. Linda Davis

    Would love to have you dig deeper on the VOC’s based on what materials they use and the BIG emf that you are sleeping on – even if that monitor is small. Those are 2 big ones we are all trying to get away from. Thank you will look forward to more exchange.

  11. Kat

    Great blog Cathy. I purchased a Prana mattress last year when my husband had his two back surgeries. I love it and now that he’s on the mend he doesn’t really like it. He has a hard time falling asleep and prefers a very firm mattress (which our Prana is not). A friend of ours gave us a brand new extra firm mattress ($5,000) because her husband wouldn’t sleep on it because it was too hard for him. My husband loves it. I can’t sleep on it without waking up a lot and feeling really uncomfortable. So it’s like we have our own rooms now. Sometimes we take turns sleeping in each other’s beds – LOL. Wish we had heard about this mattress earlier 🙂

    • Cathy

      That is good that you found something that makes your husband comfortable. You have a nice friend to give you that bed. My husband and I have discussed the same thing. He wakes up a lot. I can sleep through the night unless he wakes me up and then he falls back asleep and I don’t. We have a bedroom and hallway next to our room and I even thought about ways to share, but not share a room. There are a lot of couples who sleep in different rooms and still have great relationships. It would be interesting to have a bed made with one side extra firm like your husband likes, but with your side being a little softer.

  12. Lorii Abela

    I love this story. You have asked, and you received. The best part is, it was free! Goodluck on your testings! I look forward to your future blogs.

  13. vikash

    This is interesting Cathy.How exciting! This was a very informative post on the Tomorrow Sleep.


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