Employing or Partnering with Health Coaches in Your Business

Employing or Partnering with Health Coaches in Your Business

Podcast 49

Welcome back to another episode of Health Coach Conversations! Doctors, physicians, chiropractors, nutritionists, and so many other medical professionals are recognizing the support health coaches can provide. Today, Cathy shares some of the different ways doctors and practitioners can benefit by partnering with a health coach.

In this episode, Cathy discusses the following:

  • The benefits of working with a health coach in office or off site
  • What a partnership between a doctor and health coach looks like  
  • How patients benefit from having a personal health coach
  • Conditions that might require the need for a health coach
  • How online group coaching impacts the number of patients you can help
  • Different ways to work with a health coach
  • The benefits of partnering with a health coach certified by the Health Coach Group
  • The variety of health coaching programs to use with patients
  • The benefits of using online coaching programs that can be customized  
  • What it looks like to partner with the Health Coach Group
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There are so many medical practices and different areas of the health and wellness industry  that would benefit from working with a designated health coach. Whether the health coach comes into the office or meets patients in a different location, everyone benefits from this unique partnership.  

4 Different Ways to Partner with a Health Coach

  1. In office as an employee
  2. Out of office as a subcontractor
  3. Independently with online wellness programs
  4. Partner with the Health Coach Group

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