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WHAT A WEEK!!!  I have received everything from the most beautiful thank you notes to the meanest, nastiest notes you can ever imagine.

They were from people I never dreamed would send them too.  Who would send a note with vile swear words and accusations and ridiculous assumptions?  Not just one, but one to support, one to me and one messaged to me…just to be sure that everyone’s blood pressure was through the roof. People who probably have a lot of other stress in their lives and all they needed was another change.

People who don’t really read their mail (but like me, skim through it and don’t understand) would send those notes, it doesn’t excuse the vile attacks, but it does explain the confusion.  People who just are frustrated with setting up a company and having to do more than just help people get well.

Amanda deals really well with the tirades, I think that a little kindness can go a long way.  I have to admit, it got to me this week.

It was a hard week.  Thank God for Amanda, Ashlie, and Shianne.  Thank God for Monday, because Monday, everyone will understand what all this change was about.

Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

Why Now?

Couldn’t I have picked a worse time for making these changes? Probably not.  Probably not for anyone – except for those who want to use our new program PURE to help their patients and customers. The Holidays are stressful enough without having to make a decision besides what to buy Uncle Jimmy for Christmas. Aside for witing 6 months to release, this was the option that we had and the choice that we made.

Now because PURE is ready.  It didn’t make sense to put PURE into DSD the way it is.  We have to put it in for delivery and it would have cost thousands and thousands of dollars, frustration (years off Ashlie’s life as well as my own), and it wouldn’t have been the best way to do it.

So, we pushed our alternative up.  Healthie approached us to partner with them a few months ago.  We’ve been looking at their Practice Management and Telehealth platform all this time.  We’d been considering putting it in as an addon with DSD.  There are a lot of our health coaches who wanted HIPAA and communication and an app that tracks your patients/clients progress.


PURE is being loaded into a special THCG/Healthie edition.  It gives our coaches everything from Healthie and program delivery too.  When we talked to our web developers, the app was going to be at least $30,000 and the CRM, tracking and HIPAA, well, they didn’t want anything to do with it.  So we looked for other alternatives.  All were doable but really for the regular health coach, cost prohibitive.

So we partnered with Healthie, and they have an excellent price for our customers.  If you compare it, it is the highest possible option (I call it fully loaded) with our programs.

What do you need to use THCG/Healthie?  A website to link it to.  Guess what!  We just created this gorgeous $97 Website that is already designed for you.  We call them “Starter-Sites®” – with all kinds of cool things built in for you.  The best thing – it’s on your hosting, so it belongs to you and is all yours from the second we hand it over to you.


  1. Are The Health Coach Programs loaded into the Starter-Sites for delivery?  No
  2. Is there technical service included with the Starter-Sites?  No
  3. Do I need a hosting company?  Yes, we recommend Site Ground.  We have an affiliate link for SiteGround (as well as almost any other hosting company, but we love Sitegrounds service).  Sign up here. 
  4. Can I move my DSD site over as it is?  We can move your pages over. 
  5. Do I have to have a Starter-Site to use THCG/Healthie?  No, if you have an existing site, you can use THCG/Healthie
  6. What plug-ins are included on the starter sites? https://thehealthcoachgroup.com/starter-sites/
  7. If I have DSD, how do I see what plug-ins I currently have on my site?  (DSD plugins) Look at your plugin list -on the dashboard – there are many custom plugins that are ours exclusively – but you won’t need.
  8.  What if I want to switch to a Starter Site, but don’t want to use Healthie for delivery?  How much is the VA time to set up delivery through Mailchimp? Only looking at several programs vs. all that I currently have loaded on my site now About $300 a piece, You will need someplace to house the programs like awsamazon and then, release them through MailChimp. Healthy Habits and Pure have 84 emails ea. Those will take longer.
  9. For tech support we would then be dealing with Healthie, not THCG? Yes
  10. What about customizing the programs…on our own or that will still be an option through THCG? YES
  11. I have a few dozen gravity forms that are embedded into pages on my site. Will I be losing all these forms and their pages even if I purchase the plugin? If I can keep the forms, will I need to transfer them? It is not the best time for added expenses, I will have to move whatever is not included in the option myself. You can save them if you purchase the plugin. One cheaper option may be to have us recreate them on the free plugin. Amanda’s pretty fast at those form rebuilds. The Health Histories are already on the sites. We’re moving you – so don’t worry about that.

So, what’s ahead?

MORE PROGRAMS!  I’ve got a list of programs you won’t believe.

More Membership Mastery, we’re hand-picking hard-workers for this beta program, and I am working with our coaches.  It’s not a group of lazy or late people because, I admit, I’m not a coach or a hand holder. I’m helping this team make subscription programs that give them ongoing, regular, and reliable income. We’re working hard, and if you show up, you’ll get this, if you don’t show up – there’s no room for you.  That was one of the unfortunate emails this week.  WELL, actually about 14 of them (from the same person, many with one capped word and nonsense). Thanks to this person, there will be no second run-throughs because it hurts the other participants. I believe that this is the secret for health coaches to be able to do business without worrying about continually trying to come up with a new customer.  I feel so strongly about it that I won’t let one lazy troublemaker ruin it for everyone. She’s making noise, and that’s what this is about.  I’m running this, and you just have to show up.

The Inner Circle keeps going, and we’ve added new features even for the new members, where on the renewal for the second year, everyone gets a FREE program!  We’ve made Online Marketing Mastery, and Building Abundance self-service, evergreen and you can sign up and go through it as often as you like and at your convenience. We’ve also added a FREE Starter-Site with an annual membership.  You guys are going to be so excited to hear that we’re going to be working on ….da da da dum…coaching skills!

We’re still providing scholarship Health Coach Certificates – ask anyone who’s gone through it.  There aren’t any easy tests, no short lectures, but arduous work with the BEST of the BEST health coaches ready to coach. 20 hours per week for six months minimum.  There will not be a mediocre health coach coming out of our program.

Events – 2018 will be in Florida and showcase our successful coaches who are running membership programs; we’ll show you how.

Coaching – coaches in group coaching is doing spectacular right now.

What you won’t see?  Ineffective programs, frustrating technical programs, and packages.  The packages are gone.  You can get discounts when buying…with a new cart checkout system.  This will end the confusion and assure you that you’re not paying for what you don’t need.

That’s it.  EASY and clean.  We start 2018 with a BRIGHT, HAPPY and HARD WORKING, PROSPEROUS Health Coaches!

I care about you.  I want you to succeed.  For those of you who attack poor defenseless customer service people and leave nasty notes on social media because you’re confused…please think before you send a raging note. The person opening your email may have just got home from the hospital with a sick child.or just had a parent who gave them awful news.  A little deep breath and clear communication will go a long, long way.  AND…I’m a little ashamed to say, if I see dialogue like that, it’s unlikely you’ll get the result you want from me.

We love working for and with health coaches to change the world, but it isn’t in our business plan or values to play games with anyone who is looking for a fight instead of help.  Our system and programs are not on trial.  They work, it’s proven. If it isn’t working for you, adjust and ask for help.  We are the best helpers in the world.  I can recommend a couple competitors if you’re looking for something not well done and want to fight.

Another new partner.  You may recognize the name.  Click here to learn more.

I’m pretty excited for 2018.  There is nothing but good things ahead of us.

What’s ahead for you?  What will 2018 look like for you?


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