Product Launch Formula – The Missing Link

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My Story


There is so much that can be said about marketing, and over time, it seems like I’ve said it all.  In this blog post, Product Launch Formula – The Missing Link, I talk about my own experience. 

I love marketing.  I’ve had two distinctly different businesses and the one thing that both businesses had in common was good marketing strategy.  Reaching out to people is an art.  It is easier if you are honest and put your customer’s needs first.

My first 34 years were brick and mortar advertising.  I did a LOT of direct mail.  We did newspaper, yellow pages, magazines, and then we did more creative things like silent auctions, sponsoring, trade shows, and still, of everything, direct mail was our bread and butter.  Quarterly newsletters and monthly postcards.  We had a bought list and a snowballing list of happy customers we mailed to.  Toward the end, we had a large enough list of clients that we only mailed to them and it increased our closing rate and totally eliminated any “getting to know you” or “social proof” time.  Anytime you can work with customers and referrals, you are ahead of the game.

 My transition to online sales was an eye-opener.  While it still costs money to advertise, the methods allow for much less expensive advertising and a little more creative and systematic implementation of marketing technique.

My first experience with online marketing was an e-book that included 75 partners and a lot of good intentions.  I had used some of Jay Abraham’s methods with my brick and mortar business, so I knew there was strength in numbers.  We had 75 people selling that little e-book.  We’d invested a lot into getting it out and decided to turn 100% of the proceeds over to Juvenile Diabetes Research.  This gave us all a higher purpose and a lot of experience.  It was a great first experience.

Both of my businesses have been lucky because goodwill abounded and there was a lot of organic growth.  


We Sold a Program While We Wrote It!

In the meantime, we sold everything with Facebook advertising to build our list and emails to promote our programs and business-building bundles.  This worked great, but I was watching some of the people online who launched products once a year.  They did one huge launch with a timer that added scarcity.

When we decided to build a weight-loss program that partnered with doctors (with approval) and then, a membership site for the program so you could deliver it to your clients systematically, I decided it was my time to dip into the PRODUCT LAUNCH FORMULA and see how it worked in this instance.  

To most of us who are used to creating a product, selling it, delivering it, and then getting paid, this was like a dream come true.  We launched the Physician-Weight Loss Program, Healthy Habits before it was complete.  Jeff Walker was running his launch for his course and I took what I learned from all of his free workshops and turned it into over $40,000 seed money for the program.  This was good for us, but it was even better for our customers who saved on the pre-sale.  They bought it at 1/2 off and because there was so much interest, I was able to double the quality and features of the program!

People Couldn’t Wait to Buy Our Program

I don’t promote everything. This year, this is the only thing besides our programs and services that I’m sharing.

I think this is important for you and your business.

If you signup for his program, I’ll be paid an affiliate fee.  I’m turning around and giving that back to you in the form of an annual Inner Circle Membership.  That gives you a course for business planning, marketing, memberships, all kinds of tool, weekly group coaching, and a 6 month program you can launch!

Go to the free class and sign up when you are allowed.  I know you’ll be happy you did.

I was actually going through Jeff’s course while I was running the launch.  I can remember getting emails from customers saying, “enough already, I know I want it and I don’t want to wait until you put it in the store” – that’s a problem we all want.

I use Jeff’s system for new programs now that I’d like to grow and fill the market with.  I think our numbers on our Membership Program were more like $280,000.  This was another program where I was able to start it out and presell it at a predetermined price and then half of that, and I more than doubled the content and features on that program too.  Same with PURE, the plant-based program.  There was one year that we had such a call for specialty programs that I didn’t take the time to do that.  We’ll be going back in the next couple of years and do the same thing.  

Your Chance

After telling you all this, I want to say that this is the perfect set up for you all.  I know that it’s scary to narrow your niche, and then even scarier to set a timer…. but, for your memberships, programs, and products and services, this is ideal.  

I don’t normally promote other businesses or courses, but this one is different.  I honestly believe that this is the place where most wellness practitioners fall through the grate.  Once you get a system, sequence, promotional launch up and out, you have customers.  


Jeff has a free 3 day master-class – it’s FREE.  It doesn’t obligate you to anything.  Take advantage of it.  If you can swing it and are willing to do the follow through required to launch your product… sign up for his class.  He has it open for registration in November.


From Jeff:

Since 2005, our students have used Product Launch Formula to generate over a billion dollars in sales.

We open the doors for the Launch Masterclass on
November 2nd, 2021

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