Running Your Own Business – Health Coach Entrepreneurs

3631140We are such a diverse group “the health coaches”, some have had years of business experience, some have been in the medical field, business, journalism, sports, design, full time parents and as students.  We range from 18 to 86 (maybe older now?).  Some of us have had successful previous careers,  and are looking for a more meaningful direction, some have struggled for a lifetime and some of us are just starting out.  No matter where we are, we all have one thing in common…we have a new calling and we must find a way to tell the world it is available to them, share it with them, and then run our business in a profitable manner. 

The simple truth about being an entrepreneur,  (and you are one now!), is that you must wear many hats.  If you are lucky and start your business off with spendable income, then you can delegate now…and you should.  Do what you do best and hand off the rest to people who are qualified.  If not, then you need to learn some things.  You don’t have to learn it all at once, but the quicker you become proficient, the more successful you will be.

There are certain business skills that don’t necessarily need to be mastered by you. If these are skills that you don’t want to master, you should find someone else to do them, whether it is an employee, a virtual assistant or a business that specializes.  If you want to spend all your time coaching, they will be important to your success.

Download this worksheet.  It may change over time.  You may check off that you will be doing all of these things right now…in a few months or a year…you may be able to start delegating.  You will have a better idea of what you do and do not enjoy and excel at by then.


Please share with us, which will you be doing yourself and which, will you be delegating…and why?

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