Sales Sequences – List Building, Nurturing, and Sales

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Sales Sequences (Systems), List Building, Nurturing, and Sales

I love marketing.  Marketing is important to all businesses.  It’s unfortunate that some of the online tactics have created a negative image for sales and marketing.  That is why business ethics in marketing is so important.  Honesty and integrity are the most important strategies to adopt in your marketing and sales.  You can’t go wrong.  Understanding people’s needs allows you to provide a product or service that has the benefits and features that your client needs.  Conveying the fact that you have those features and benefits will market with integrity and give your customer something that they genuinely want and need.

It’s all about connection.


Needs, Benefits, and Features

Do you remember that Client Clarity Worksheet that you get from me over, and over, and over again?  Well, it’s time to pull it out again.  Get a clear understanding of what your customer needs.
List the features of your products or services.
List the benefits those features provide that satisfy the needs of your customers.

Finding Your Potential Client

I’ve interviewed many experts and written many blogs, articles, and courses on advertising and finding your clients.  Do market research and learn where they are on social media, in organizations, or geographically.  Check out Health Coach Library and my many blogs and podcast for ideas for where to advertise.

Generally speaking, Google or Facebook has the best and broadest audience.  LinkedIn if you’re speaking to professionals or business people and you don’t mind the spam.  I still haven’t spoken with anyone who is getting actual numbers in Instagram.  If your audience is young, TikTok.  Further Reading.

Lately, Google Ads has yielded a nice ROI for us.  Read more. 

More from Google Ads – $500 off to try it out.

If you don’t advertise, no one will see your offers.  It’s as simple as that.


How to Send It

Infusionsoft/Keap has been our CRM/Emarketing tool of choice for 11 years.

It allows us to keep as many sequences as possible and grow our list to over 100,000 before another price increase.

I never bought a list for this business.  Growth has been steady as long as we were consistent.  We grow our list with minimal investment monthly.  We also regularly reduce our list so we aren’t bothering people who are no longer interested.  This also helps with our delivery stats.


Say Hello

Introduce yourself with an offer.  Ask for permission to market to them.  Give them something of value that offers a solution to one of their biggest problems in exchange for their email address.  That can be:

  • a case study
  • a toolbox
  • a short pdf (like 5 Days Sugar-Free)
  • a free trial
  • a guide (like 7 Day Smoothie Challenge)
  • a free Starter Kit
  • a quiz
  • a mystery gift
  • lists (like meat-free protein)
  • video

The offer should:

  • give a result
  • give immediate gratification
  • move your contact into a sequence
  • be perceived as high value
  • actually, be of high value
  • have the value realized immediately


Once you capture your contacts email, nurture them consistently.

Send a newsletter on the same day at the same time at the same interval that you select.  Either monthly, bimonthly, weekly,  etc.

Most of that newsletter should provide value to the people on your list.  You can sell in about 10% of it.

This nurturing is part of your “sales system.”

Not everyone, in fact, very few people are ready to buy from you immediately.  Long term nurturing is the most important thing you can do for your business.


You can learn more in depth information in our business packages.  Below is an example of a specific sales sequence.  All of our programs have sales sequences included.  There are (3) three free offers, 7 emails in a sequence, and a workshop to promote your program.


You can do many kinds of sequences and call them any number of titles.  Workshops, challenges, or just honestly feed information about a product slowly, honestly, with integrity, in a way that it is easy for them to ingest the information.




Acknowledge their opt-ins.  Welcome and congratulate them, and be sure they have the free offer and anything they need to access it.


Send them to an introductory sequence that lets them  know about you and your business.  Tell them stories about you to let them know why you are they’re best choice.


Give them more and ensure they have benefited from what you’ve already given them.  Tell them what to do if they didn’t get what they wanted.


Ask them what they want.  There is no one in the world who can tell you better than them what they need or want from you to help them succeed.  Use surveys and forms.


Ask them to join your online community.  (Like Facebook Groups or another Chat software)  Then welcome them to the group.


Share your testimonials.  Let them see other clients’ success due to your work with them.  In their own words, they communicate from their point of view.


Send something free with your first email.


Tell a story about you and how it relates to your new product.  Give something.


Give them social proof (testimonials) that you know what you are doing with this new offer.


Open the CART.  Present a link to your sales page and let your sales page do the talking.


Last Chance.  This is the last day of the offer.  Let them know that it is vital that they get in on it and why.
This is one variation.  I challenge you to create an email sequence now to support your sales page, based on what you’ve learned above.

Add video for a very personal appeal.

What not to do –

DON’T increase the value of your offer as you progress.  That is a sleazy sales practice that is not fair to the loyal customers who purchase right away.

DON’T have flexible pricing.  Sell your products or services at the same price to everyone.

If you make a mistake and leave the wrong price on an ad or page, honor it.

Tell the truth.  If what you’re selling is not in the best interest of the person who is buying, tell them so.  Only sell to those who will benefit from what you have.  There are plenty of people who need what you have to offer.


Let me know how you do with this.  If you want more, join our Inner Circle or if you want to get your practice going now, consider a Business Package.  We have a great BRANDING pdf in Health Coach Library.



Do you have questions or need help?  We have the best support team.  We're here to help you.