Sales Strategy with Sandee

Podcast 78

When done well, a sales-focused approach can be highly beneficial to health coaches. Sandee and Cathy address common perceptions around sales and how to make sales work for you!  

In this episode, Cathy and Sandee discuss the following:

  • Different perceptions of what it means to be a salesperson  
  • Why being a good salesperson comes down to perception and presentation 
  • Whether or not being a good salesperson is a natural talent 
  • Why many people experience “sales call reluctance” and how to have better sales calls
  • Why you must be passionate about your products and/or services you have to offer
  • How to become a better salesperson and suggestions for prospecting  
  • Sandee’s suggestion for having a “Golden Hour” to create new opportunities 
  • What it takes to close a sale or ask for sale with confidence
  • The importance of practicing sales with other coaches  


Sandee is the product manager for the Health Coach Group and has over 25 years of professional sales experience and is a wonderful resource for health coaches and entrepreneurs.       

Links to resources:

Health Coach Group Website


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