Scope of Practice and Dietary Supplements

Podcast 70

Full Script is a great supplement provider in partnership with The Health Coach Group. Cathy talks with Lisa Fraley about how to legally and safely offer supplements to uplevel your coaching business. 

In this episode, Cathy and Lisa discuss the following:

  • Why using disclaimers is important for a health coach
  • Who can use protocols with health coaching clients
  • Who can suggest supplements to their clients 
  • The importance of knowing your state health coaching laws 
  • Who can use Cathy’s Full Script protocols 
  • Who’s responsible for what a health coach recommends to clients  
  • The difference between using a Full Script account for supplements and a doTerra account for essential oils 
  • The importance of consulting an attorney if you’re a health coach 

Lisa Fraley is an attorney, legal coach, life coach, and health coach. Because of her unique combination of being a lawyer and health coach, she is able to provide a wealth of information and services to help keep health practitioners of all backgrounds safe and legally protected.       

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