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Selling Wellness

by | Feb 22, 2022 | 1 Business | 0 comments

How To Sell Wellness Programs

This blog has been growing inside of me all year.  At the beginning of the year we had a large number of wellness practitioners coming to us to get their businesses online.  Just like the virus waves, we are seeing another wave of practitioners now.  Circumstances have allowed us many opportunities to grow and expand this year.  Opportunities that we normally may put off.


You know so much about wellness and have so much to offer people today, that it is more of a disservice to your customers not to get your business up and out in front of EVERYONE who needs help.

The first thing to do is to get your marketing funnel running.  Once you do that, the next step is learning how to sell wellness programs.  Selling is hard for a lot of people. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Here are some tips for you to get started with selling wellness programs:

  • go onto a sales call or meeting with the intention of helping the person you’re meeting
  • be authentic
  • use your coaching skills
  • believe in yourself
  • listen to the person you are helping and allow them to uncover their true needs
  • stop spending time trying to help someone who does not want help
  • state your price clearly and confidently, don’t discount your time
  • work hard for your clients
  • don’t waste their time, be concise
  • listen carefully to objections and address them
  • help them to solve their problem by asking them to sign up now
  • follow up
  • if you make a promise, keep it


“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.”


Brian Tracy 

Objections for selling wellness programs

The short list

Thankfully, with online marketing systems, your prospects are ready and excited to engage in your services. If your branding and ideal client identification, as well as your niche has been narrowed down, your job of selling will be much easier. Sometimes objections will still come up. Dealing with an objection, you’ll be turning a no or iffy response into yes.

  • too expensive
  • not convinced of the need
  • too busy
  • doesn’t want to be obligated to a time and dollar amount
  • doesn’t understand the offer
  • just a fad

Handling the Objection

Handling these objections can be done expecting them and by using your coaching skills.

  • actively listen
  • repeat back what you hear
  • validate respectfully
  • ask questions
  • answer questions clearly and directly
  • use social proof
  • follow up

I love sales because I love helping people. 

Many of you started your business not really understanding that there would be the need to market and sell.  The longer you’re in business, if you do a good job helping your customers, the easier the sales will be.  Your business will naturally grow with referrals.  Happy, successful customers share their stories.

Work hard for your customers.  Many of you know that I’m moving to Florida to live a more active lifestyle year round.  In the middle of all of the 2020 excitement we have been selling and buying houses. Which is giving us an opportunity to work with Realtors. Some of you have met my husband at events and know that he can be very engaging and has a lot of questions all of the time.  It was interesting to watch the different Realtors and how they reacted to him. Some were offended by all of his questions maybe because they felt that he didn’t trust them. Maybe because they thought he was giving them a hard time. Your house like your wellness is a big buy and it’s a big sell as well.  

With real estate it can be hundreds of thousands of dollars and with your health it can be life and death. It is worth the time to listen to the questions and answer them in a forward manner honestly and respectfully.

We let our first realtor go after 2 weeks because his approach was to list it at the price that we wanted and reduce it in 2 weeks and put it up as new again. That is a lazy sales attitude.  We tried to talk to him before we switched Realtors telling him that we wanted him to do more than listed and MLS and wait for somebody to come to him. We all have enough sales experience to know that you do not get things done by sitting and waiting for people to come to you. We then hired a new realtor that listen to our needs and worked to sell our house it took him 4 days to get the job done without reducing the price. The difference was he worked to fulfill his promise and he listened to what we wanted.

When we were looking for a new home, several Realtors found us through our searches online. they had great systems to follow up with us and sent us new listings all of the time when I told them that we were ready to come down they did not give an immediate answer and I found someone else to work with. If you are going to be in business for yourself and rely on the work that you do you not only have to work hard you need to answer promptly. One of the biggest rules of a successful business is to strike while the iron is hot if a person is interested now it will be a lot easier to explain what you have to offer and get them into your program.

Budget is important. It’s not always fun to work within a budget.  It’s something that makes a customer comfortable and is often necessary. Having said that, if someone wants something bad enough, they will find a way to pay for it.  They may find more money, or cut something else out.  Don’t lower your price, they won’t respect that.  Find ways to keep your customer in budget and tell them what they are giving up to reach that number.  So, if they want one hour a week with you for 6 months and to participate in your Pure program, and your price is $2600 for the time and $500 for the program, and their budget is $1800, offer group coaching and the program or every other week for 45 minutes and the program.  That way they can decide which is more important.  More often than not, they’ll choose what they wanted in the beginning. At least it was their decision, you listened, you helped, and they will appreciate that.

People ask questions because they want to get to a “yes”.  

When we were looking for a house, the listing agent as well as the selling agent was at the home when we toured.  Some of the agents handled Gary’s questions well (you can imagine how long it took us), others were insulted or bothered by his questions.  They didn’t listen to him or acknowledge his right to ask them.  Most didn’t answer him, but talked around the question.  They either didn’t know, or they thought he would not like the answer.  Either way it did not establish trust. 

It’s okay not to know, just know where to find the answer.  Those were the most helpful conversations because we trusted the answer.

Even if you think your customer is not going to like your answer.  Be honest.  This establishes trust and leaves the decision making in your customers hands, where it should be.

Your “prospect” is talking to you because they want something.  It is your job to give it to them.  That will make them happy.  

A by-product of sales is that your business will prosper, that is not the point of the sale.  Service is the entire point of the sale.



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