List Building for Beginners


Mother and son with laptopAny kind of business – brick and mortar or online, need clients and potential clients.  The people who make up this group for your business is called your list.

Online email lists are the most cost efficient way to do that.

For years I snail mailed 24,000 people every 3 months.  That was expensive…there was the client list, the bought mailing list, printing and postage, but, it paid off.


History shows that a business that continues to advertise, continues to flourish, during good economic times and bad.

Today, with the internet and FREE email, it is EASY to grow a list.

Brick and Mortar List Building













Online List Building













The sooner you start growing your list, the sooner you will begin to see your business grow.

As you can see in the illustrations above, it is important that you build your list from several sources.  Your sources for your online list will not be the same as a brick and mortar business.  The source for one business may not be the best for all businesses.  That is where experimentation and split testing comes in handy.

Once you have the list…follow through on your promises.  Be consistent in your communication efforts and give them lots of free information.  You don’t have to give it all away, but give them enough to help them and make sure it is good, qualified and resourced information.

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Chime in below and let us know what you are struggling with in your list building effort.  Let us know what is working for you too!