Stress Management – Relief and Resilience

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Stress Management techniques for health coaches- Relief and Resilience in Today’s World

In the last few years, we’ve all lived through types and levels of stress that haven’t been rated or studied.  I’d love to hear from you about your experience with stress, how you’ve responded, and what has worked for you.

In the 1970s there was a huge Harvard Study on stress and Dr. Benson ended up rating stressful situations with a numerical system.  Death of a spouse was rated at 100 pts, marriage at 50, and being jailed ranked right under marriage, and the death of a close relative and very close to marital reconciliation.  Can you imagine what a pandemic, racial strife, Ukrainian invasion, and financial fear would rank?

The Harris Poll, an annual “Stress in America” survey done in March 2022, found that more Americans rated inflation and the situation in Ukraine as more stressful than any other situation in the last 15 years of the poll (the full history of the poll).

In view of all the added stress of the past few years, that fact is mind-boggling.

We at The Health Coach Group have accumulated years of research and empirical studies to come up with real and reliable solutions to stress management techniques for health coaches that not only relieve stress at the time it is being experienced but, also build a reservoir of resilience to be able to respond better when stress pops up.

Your Toolbox

  • relaxation techniques
    • breathwork
    • progressive muscle relaxation
    • visualization
    • mindfulness meditation
    • active relaxation
    • art
  • healthy habits
    • journaling
    • eat for health
    • daily exercise
    • avoid tobacco and illegal drugs
    • reduce or eliminate alcohol, sugar, and caffeine
    • get a good night’s sleep
    • get outdoors
    • participate in joyful activity
    • take breaks from social media and news
    • stay connected to friends
    • get hugs
    • practice relaxation techniques (see above)
    • Practice thought reframing (see below)
    • ask for help when you need it
  • positive mindset
  • self-care
  • reframing thoughts
  • avoid stress when possible
  • establishing a network of support
The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.  William James, Harvard Medical School, and 1862 Thought Leader

The course we created solves a mountain of problems for coaches who want to work with people on stress management.  We’ve created a fully vetted series of Stress Management techniques for health coaches created by health coaches. Anyone who is working in wellness as a holistic experience must include stress management as part of the solution.

Let’s Hear From You

Please comment below about your experience with stress, how you’ve responded, and what has worked for you.


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