A Complete Marketing Solution – Synduit for Health Professionals


A Complete Marketing Solution – Synduit for Health Professionals

Podcast 42

Welcome to another episode of Health Coach Conversations! Today, Cathy welcomes Jared Yellin from Synduit. Jared shares Synduit’s mission and the many benefits of using a virtual marketing solution instead of trying to do everything yourself.  

In this episode, Cathy and Jared discuss the following:

  • Synduit’s background and vision of simplicity  
  • Challenges of trying to outsource or DIY marketing  
  • The benefits of using Synduit for your marketing needs
  • The marketing campaigns Synduit is creating specifically for the Health Coach Group
  • The type of content Syduit creates for users and integrates and supports original content
  • Options for pre-made or customizable webinars, presentations, and scripts
  • Why Synduit does not offer practice management services
  • How Synduit works with unbranded products and services like oil and skin products
  • How and why Synduit constantly releases new features and updates
  • The “12-4-2-2” annual marketing plan formula Synduit provides      
  • The importance of face to face work for a virtual-focused businesses
  • How Synduit simplifies your marketing process and creates freedom for your business    
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Jared began Synduit in his apartment 8 years ago. He was a solo founder with no money, no team, with a big vision. He eventually built a team and scaled his business very quickly. Synduit initially offered a hands-on approach to creating websites, sales engine optimization, online products, sales funnels, and a variety of other services for businesses. Jared soon realized the downfall of this approach and decided to create a simple software solution, dramatically decrease the price, and market his new package to entrepreneurs. Synduit is now a virtual marketing department and offers millions of dollars worth of content that’s updated weekly to meet the needs of health coaches.                 

12-4-2-2 Annual Marketing Plan Formula   

  • 12 Webinars per year
  • 4 Live events per year
  • 2 Client appreciation events per year
  • 2 Referral challenges per year `

The link for Synduit’s annual marketing plan is below and the Synduit Happiness Team is ready to answer any questions for how to use this with your wellness business!

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60 Minute Annual Marketing Plan

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