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The Big Flip: Cathy’s Answers About Health Coaching from the Hot Seat

Podcast 245

In this episode, Cathy switched roles, moving from interviewer to interviewee. She takes the hot seat for a candid Q&A session about her experiences in health coaching. She discusses her journey in health coaching, how she got her start, the challenges she’s faced along the way, her marketing strategies, passive income options for health coaches, and much more!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Cathy’s main clients for health coaching business development services and what motivates them
  • Various passive income streams available for health coaches – affiliate marketing, online programs and memberships, etc
  • How Impact Program and other resources of Health Coach Group enable health coaches to generate residual income
  • Strategies to keep up with changes in the industry and competitors
  • The challenges of delivering courses through apps for older customers
  • Cathy’s favorite marketing tools
  • How Cathy ensures her program stays helpful and relevant
  • The boundary between the roles of a therapist and a health coach
  • Challenges faced by Cathy in her business and how she addressed them
  • Guiding coaches who may feel discouraged or ready to give up
  • How Cathy implements self-care in her daily routine
  • Advice for coaches who don’t like online marketing and prefer working locally

Memorable Quotes

  • “Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself.”
  • “Sometimes it seems hopeless, but it’s not. As long as you keep at it, it’ll happen.”
  • “To get your health coaching business going, do not be afraid to market and to advertise because nobody knows you’re here unless you do that.” 
  • “Health coaches, don’t be afraid to get into business, don’t be afraid to get back into business, and don’t be afraid to move your business forward because you’re needed and you’re doing a valuable thing.”


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