The Art of Aging

And it is an art and it is an art worth learning.  Due to the fact that we’re living longer, to live that time comfortably and with a quality of life to enjoy our lives, we must take steps now to age well.  Don’t wait until you start showing signs of aging.  I know it seems like we’re going to live forever, and aging is so far off that we’ll never get old, but we all do. Furthermore, it’s never too late to make changes. Eventually, it happens to all of us, if we’re lucky. The alternative to aging isn’t so great. 

agingSo, here is our list.

Everything on this list supports one if not many of the organ systems and sometimes all of them.  Support your organ systems and your social system and you’ll have the secret to aging well.


Cathy Sykora

Cathy Sykora

Founder, The Health Coach Group

Cathy helps health coaches build and maintain successful businesses that improve the lives of others.

The Fountain of Youth

I can remember watching movies where people searched for the fountain of youth. They never found it, or if they did, they died and it got covered up again.  At this point, we won’t live forever, but we live long enough that it’s important we take care of ourselves or learn to live with or manage chronic health issues.

The research took us system by system and we gathered the remedies from the experts. This is a partial list of steps to take to support your organ systems and your social system.


Art of Aging Steps


  1. Nurture happiness
  2. Eat to live
  3. Get regular exercise
  4. Balance hormones
  5. Build your brain
  6. Get enough sleep
  7. Get regular doctor checkups
  8. Don’t abuse alcohol, drugs, or tobacco
  9. Maintain a healthy weight
  10. Prevent infection
  11. Avoid toxins
  12. Mind your medications
  13. Maintain sex and intimacy
  14. Take care of your gums and teeth
  15. Care for your skin

Motivation and Incentive Built-In

This program discusses each organ system, how it ages and what we can do to help.  There are specific detailed steps to take to age well.  Going through the program will be an eye-opener.  Understanding the scientific reasoning as well as the correct way to approach each issue creates motivation and dedication to the purpose.  It isn’t often that you get that facet of the goal setting and success process.  I feel like this program is going to have an extra element to it, not found in other programs to support, encourage, and ensure success.


Art of Aging

We’ve done so much research for this particular program and have referenced hundreds of documents, scholarly articles and studies.  We have some great programs and this one stands alone in fact and potential for transformation.


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