The Truth About Advertising

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You Have a Message to Share


The Truth About Advertising. Turning your passion into profits, as many of you have undoubtedly learned, is not as easy as hanging a sign on your window.  It’s not as easy as stepping out of school and into a calendar full of customers.  You have a valuable product – health, weight loss, spiritual peace,….and on.  Advertising is necessary to tell people you are here and ready to help.

Yesterday I received an email from a health coach’s coach who said that you don’t need to advertise and you don’t need a website.  He is wrong.

You need a website in this day and age to show you mean business and are trustworthy and transparent.  It doesn’t have to be big, but it needs to be there.  You are a health coach – you are a business person.

You must advertise.  He said you don’t have to spend $1000’s on advertising.  You do.  Advertising is a cost of business that pays back.  He said he never had success in advertising.  It’s because he didn’t know how.  If you know how to advertise and you are very clear on who your ideal client (target market) is, then you are successful.  He DID do something right, he teamed up with a partner and had access to their customer list.  THAT is a good way to get customers.  Do that, but advertise too.

I see another ad on Facebook that shows a guy selling content that is sloppy and formatted improperly and he says – they tell you you have to set up a sales funnel and you don’t.  He’s got a sales funnel.  He’s appealing to your sense of simplicity.  Simplicity is good, but as a business person, you have certain things you need to do.  If you don’t get customers, you don’t have a business.  


You can not buy a program, have it and say “where are the customers?”  Programs and content don’t make you ANY money if you don’t promote them.  You have to have someone to sell them to.

We have built advertising materials, workshop/webinars, lead magnets, and sales sequences into all of our programs to help you sell them.  You still have to have someone to sell them to. Telling you not to advertise does you a disservice.  Learn how to advertise and then do it.  Spend your money on advertising, then watch it.  Make sure that money is working for you.  Learn how to, or hire someone who can analyze your advertising so you know it’s working for you.  

Then, go out and partner with people who share your ideal client.

Then, ask for referrals.  That is how a good business grows and that is how your business becomes a snowball rolling and getting bigger and bigger.


  1. Advertise to grow your list, this is where your lead magnet (opt-in offer, freebie) is used
  2. Email to introduce, nurture, and sell your products/services
  3. Sell your products/services and service them well
  4. Build your referral program
  5. Make alliances with partners to grow your list faster

The #1 thing to do is build the list of qualified target audience (ideal clients).  These are the people you sell to.  No list, no one to sell to…unless you’re advertising directly, then it’s costing you four times or more to get each customer.  A person on your list should be considered a “customer-to-be.”  Treat them well.  Nurture them.  Give them quick wins.

There has not been organic growth to advertise free on social media since 2013. Spamming groups is not acceptable behavior on social media. Build your business with advertising.  

 I just did a presentation for our Inner Circle Members, find it in our library.  For everyone else, check the podcast that will be released in two weeks.  It tells you different advertising methods.  It takes you through the process.  Don’t take shortcuts.  Do it right.


It is amazing how close each of us is to true health and happiness.  All we have to do is to take the power one step at a time.  Make changes in your own life, and you’ll surely make a difference in the lives of others.


Each of us can spread health and happiness faster than a virus.



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