My Critique of B-School

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You all have probably been bombarded by b-school affiliates. I already shared how much I gained from the program, so I am going to take a few minutes to do a “no holds barred” critique of her program. It is a lot of money to invest, so understandably, you may have a few questions about how it works. Plus, I am going to address some FAQ’s.


When you enroll, you get a bunch of bonus material – it is all good. She added a new one last year – a recording of one of her live talks. IIN students and grads get this concept – that was our classroom. The most valuable beginner “Freebie” could be a course in itself….”start the right business”. You get this before you begin the modules. We didn’t, I think it was just being developed. It is very intense and very helpful.  The year I started, they were just developing it, so it came a little late.  You will have this before class starts and it will be very helpful.


Marie is pretty excited this year because they have remodeled!  It will be an all new experience with the same basic pillars she has set up.

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Module 1 – Profit Clarity

  These concepts are basic business concepts that are as important for a successful brick and mortar business as an online business. Most beneficial, in my opinion, is figuring out where your income is really coming from and getting to know your ideal client. Then, it goes into separating yourself from the competition.  

Module 2 – Websites

  It talks to you about how to interview a person to work on your website…and teaches you how to set up a simple website on your own. This one saved me more than the cost of the program – with Nathalie Lussier’s tutorial and all the plugin tips and tricks. Most IIN students/grads understand the importance of a good opt in…Marie uses her partners to show you how to pull it off – psychology and conversion. This module gives you a lot of clarity in terminology and usage of websites.  

Module 3 – Communication

  This wasn’t as meaningful to me because of my experience – but to someone who doesn’t utilize communication in business – or is new, it will be a goldmine. I had 30 years of Newsletters (snail mail) to my clients. Brick and Mortar, you can’t send out as many mailings, it is too expensive. I sent out 30,000 newsletters 4 times a year and 30,000 postcards 8 times a year. I had people who saved my newsletters from 1989! So, I got #3. I already had my own style of writing. If you are new to business – this is what is going to cause your business to grow. It is an important module. The one thing I did get out of this…a newsletter doesn’t have to be big and fancy like the one you get from realtors or the dermatologist (or designer) monthly – It can be a regular email that looks like it is coming from your best friend. That is the big thing I appreciate about e-commerce. It is free to email weekly. So build your list and take advantage of this module. Marie has a whole different way to blog…that is a part of her “blue ocean strategy”. People wait for her blog to come out weekly – I still look forward to it, Marie TV.

Module 4 – List Building

  This module teaches you how to build your list. It also gives you incredible short cuts. I was in the midst of building my “Sharing the Health” E-Book at the time I landed in module 4. I felt like I got it because I just got some people I thought were “big shots” to collaborate in my book when we got to the big shots worksheet. This time when I go back through B-School again, I am going to pay more attention to this module as a student instead of a victor. I know I need to work on this module.  

Module 5 – Offerings

  I got a little mixed up on this one. I had the problem going into b-school with one successful business and one “pie-in-the-sky” plan. I got a little derailed here. I thought up all kinds of offerings for my brick and mortar business…but got kind of stuck here. I would recommend focusing only on what you are in b-school to work on. (This took me off track for a couple months). Don’t get greedy and see things that can make quick money. I derailed into a Virtual Business…I had beautiful offerings, a great team to work with (my team from Sharing the Health) and I had spent so much time not making money with The Health Coach Group – that I jumped on the “money wagon”…but every time I thought about it – it gave me a big fat headache. I did not want to do it. I also started a training module for designers at this time…that is not what was in my heart. When I finally came back around and stuck with my business for love and not money – things started to happen for me. I saw this happen to others – and some of them so far off that they derailed. Now, as you can probably tell – offerings come naturally to me. It is because I am where I am supposed to be and doing what I am supposed to do. Sorry – I got off track. This module goes over what your ideal client wants, delivery, how to charge and a lot of other things that anyone in the internet business should know. This year Marie is adding actual physical products to this section. I am anxious to see what she will present.  

Module 6 – Marketing

  If you have hung in there…you make it to this section. There is so much material in B-School that some people never make it to this module. That is a shame. Marketing covers principles of marketing, how to write a persuasive piece, sales copywriting – timelines. This is an invaluable resource. The one thing that you want to be careful of through here…don’t change your writing personality by what you see. Marie is a natural born marketer. It is tempting to fall into her style….and that is one thing everyone would agree to, she has her own style far and apart from others. Don’t let this keep you from seeing the value of what she is doing. It can be done in your style too. I think if there was one thing that could be added to all this is the distinction in styles. Most copywriter’s get it…you can compare yourself to the girl next door, the femme-fatale, the teacher, the mother, the …..well, you get what I am saying. I think that is one of the biggest struggles I see in people going through b-school – finding themselves. I feel like all the questions are there…you have to fight being overtaken by other’s success or failure. Some of the biggest failures end up with the biggest success because they have gone outside their comfort zone. I didn’t take advantage of Office Hours…I would recommend that you do. That is no longer available to me as an alumnae. Community Support was B-Schools #1 Asset. There is one main group and lots of subgroups. Some of them are mine. We offer each other a lot of support and have people to bounce off. The thing I like best about Marie is her natural moral compass. You see that when she speaks, in how she sets up her business and in the way she runs it. She doesn’t falter ….well, I haven’t seen it.  


Is it worth the money? The price is $1999 – I think it costs enough. It is more valuable than that. She has enough people in her classes, I guess she doesn’t need to charge more – but she could and it would be worth it. That is one of the things that I like to emulate – she ALWAYS gives you more than what you pay for. IIN did the same. I think that if you learn one lesson about having a sustainable, valuable business – it is to always give more than what your customer can reasonably expect. That she does. Do I need it if I take Immersion through IIN? Yes. You get a treasure box full of information from IIN’s immersion. B-School helps you to put all that into perspective. Should I take B-School? If you can afford it – you should take it. I didn’t tell my husband how much it cost. I paid it out of an account that he wouldn’t see. I made payments thinking if I had to – I would take advantage of the refund policy. I made my money back by module 2. 1 year later my husband asked me how much I spent for b-school and I told him. He said it was worth EVERY penny. Haha…he doesn’t say that very often. Should I get involved in the Facebook Group? How many Facebook groups do you get into that last for years…and keep accumulating members? She just closed the old Facebook Group “B-School Babes” and opened a new group “B-Schoolers” for a few reasons- one was that there are more and more men – the men say they can be babes too…. The old members were moved over to the new group by request. This was just a few weeks ago and there are over 6000 members in the group. We stay active in the group. I went through b-school 2 years ago and I posted there today. I was sorry to see the old group go because that is where I grew my business. My first post was to introduce myself…my second post asked whether I should use A-Weber, Mailchimp or Constant Contact – lol, how many times since have I seen others with the same post? They all get tons of heartfelt answers. Can you guarantee I will make 6 figures? These are the numbers. You have a better chance of being in the top 6% if you take b-school. (My opinion). – There are 8.6 million women owned firms in the US – 88% of them generate less than $100k in annual revenues – 75% of ALL businesses generate less than 100k in annual revenues – Highest concentration of women owned businesses are in the health care & social assistance industry followed by education – 4% of women owned businesses generate more than $500k – 2% top the million dollar mark. Amex “State of Women Owned Businesses” (United States)  How do I enroll? There are lots of people with links – why should I use yours? I am offering: 1 free year membership ($787 – but worth more) to The Inner Circle (new or extension to your existing) Building Abundance – The Business Plan for Health Coaches ($1197 – but worth more) – Finishes off Immersion+ B-School with incredible “linear” learning.  Helps you to put everything in order. Free Facebook Mentoring Group – Marie Forleo + Me + YOU PLUS – this year we are adding Personal Business Coaching!  Our Business coach will be coaching you through the program and your business.  This coaching has been an incredible addition to Building Abundance and will be a game maker for your experience in B-School.

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  1. Patricia

    Thanks for this indepth review. You’re right, I have been seeing A LOT of B-School promotions and know that this is something I want to do, even if I can’t do it this year. I know it’s something I really need to move my business to the place I want it to be.

  2. becky

    I have always wondered about B-School and love this in-depth review. I have definitely thought about it after Immersion, which I started a few weeks ago. Thanks for this food for thought!

  3. Kari HAnkins

    Thank you for the information. I have always wondered about this too. This is very helpful. I would love to attend when I can. One question I would have is time commitment needed?
    I love that you tell us like it is.

  4. Johanna

    Thanks for this information Cathy, very helpful.

  5. Shani

    Thank you for the in-depth overview of the B-School. I wasn’t sure what it offered and how beneficial it can be. I like how you went into the different modules and gave us a peep inside of each study.

  6. Lindsay Christianson

    Kari- it can take from a few hours to LOTS of hours, depending on how in depth you go on the exercises and how you implement it throughout (which also includes how tech-savvy you are and whatnot to reformat your website, add in opt-ins, etc.). I personally don’t recommend B-school if you lack clarity in your business/at least a general idea of your ideal client and are strapped for cash. If not, then no loss because you can always retake it when you have more clarity. It is an amazing program (looking forward to retaking it this year). The local connections I have gained are worth it in and of itself, then there’s the online group… the content is just the icing on the cake.


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