revised and reposted from April 2012

Oh, the joy of journaling!

I started out with a diary as a young child…moved to a notebook and poetry in my teens…and since then, have had periods of time where I abstained from journaling, used a notebook daily, using a designed format, and now…I am taking 750 words daily and typing away to my heart’s content.

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I like my 750 words!  Right now, I am on a blogging challenge to blog daily.  I aim to plump up the chapters in a health and wellness book.  I am also working on a training book for my daughter to design, specify and manage custom drapery and top treatments.  I have a lot on my plate, and the 750 words help to break it down into manageable segments.  If I finish my self-assigned writing in less than 750 words, I get to meander in my thoughts, and that is where the magic happens!  The bonus is that it is all written down, so I can go back and reference my thoughts.

Regardless of how I journal, I find benefits.  It clarifies, prioritizes, and sometimes presents grand ideas out of the blue!

—Tips for Finding Time to Journal—

It can be very difficult to make time for journaling every morning.

• Try getting up just a half hour or 20 minutes earlier. This gives you 20-30 minutes of quiet time before the house comes alive.

• You might find a few minutes after everyone else leaves the house.

• (My favorite)  You may find 15 minutes in a coffee shop, or juice stop on your way to work gives you the time you need to write and will add to the pleasure.

• 15 minutes before you start your work routine may be the time for you. You may think it will cause you to stay later at work to get everything accomplished. Writing is like your morning workout; it is incredible how spending time can buy you more time throughout the day.  Your head is clearer, and you can do your job and handle people more efficiently and effectively.

Journaling in the morning allows you to clear the cobwebs in your brain. You’ll notice effects almost immediately; it helps to focus you.  You will find that you do things that you would have skipped over otherwise.  Try to journal every day.  If you don’t…then sometimes it will work too.

It is established that it takes 6 months to form a habit.

Commit to journaling for 6 months!  Then, tell me what has happened!

Please comment below and share how you journal now!