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The big question this week?  “I have a very limited budget what should I spend my money on, SYNDUIT,  VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE, the PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE, or B-SCHOOL?”

Here’s the thing.  These are all offerings that are supposed to make you money… not cost you money.  If you use them properly, they pay you back in two minutes.  I’m exaggerating, but not really.  

Granted, I’m a very hard worker.  Any of these would be, and have made me money fast.  I know I can’t promise you that.  You have to get 100% into it and make it work for you.  You can do it, if you’re focused and willing.

B-School was a game changer for me.  I got into it with the security of another business.  The only thing was, I was the sole support for my family.  I was paying tuition, trying to figure out how to pay everything I normally pay, and still be able to travel to see my son and his family and my mom and dad.  It took time and money.  Those were my priorities.  I still took the money and made the time to do b-school. 

Miracle of miracles, after a lot of back and forth over what business to build, it all came together and the money I sequestered for b-school paid off.  First, I got it back in the 2nd week by being able to do my own website.  I would have spent $6000 to do that, or months on a from scratch old style website that took a ton of work to make changes on and I did four websites myself, and the only money I spent was for themes and fonts.  I learned a lot too.  Enough that it became valuable tools later on.

So, the second week, I saved $4000.  Now, 7 or 8 years later we are into millions because of B-School.  I’m not going to attribute it all to B-School, but I will say, I’d struggled for years trying to figure out if business A could be a viable online business.  Now, I know almost any business can be online, you just have to change the vision and values.   

One of the problems people have in B-School, honestly, is the shiny ball syndrome.  They may have that issue in life too.  You have to make a commitment eventually and put everything you have into it. 

I did a little meandering.  There was the consideration to put my long term (34 years) business online to accommodate my changes, I had a BS in design and a lot of local customers.  My brand was established, I had regular income and referrals.  It was hard to walk away from that.  In B-School, I saw a huge market for virtual assistants.  I didn’t want to manage virtual assistants.  I wish I could find someone who is good at it, that would be a money maker for a person with strong values, a good work ethic, and honesty and integrity. 

It was all there.  You know how life just happens to bring all of your experience together at one time to solve the problems that others have and we’ve magically accrued the ability over time. I had the IIN conference experience with all the health coaches who were so inspired to change lives and had no one to work with and then, The Health Coach Group business plan was not only viable, it also solved the needs for thousands of people.

B-School paid off for me before I was out and we were profitable within a year.

I visit Jeff and his family once a year, and sometimes, if I’m lucky, they come here too.  I spent an entire month with them last year, not working and just enjoying each other.

Ashlie works with me.  She’s smart, and she was not only writing html in high school, she is a personal trainer, going to be a functional wellness practioner, helps many with her guided meditations, has written some of our programs, and, she is the most loyal person a mom could ever ask to have on her team.  Having this business allowed this for us.

I go to Florida at least once a year, if I was more intent about it, I’d go more often, but I have family here too.  I’m planning a trip in a month and of course, will be there in November for our big event at the most beautiful resort on the ocean. Hutchinson Shores Resort and Spa.

I don’t have to ask my husband’s permission to buy anything.  I told him last week that he should get a new car. (Not new, used.) But, he is looking now for one for me!  Isn’t that sweet.

I always thought I’d want to move, but now that I can, I like where I am and can visit those I love.  It’s just nice to have a choice.

I promote this as an affiliate because I believe in it.  The reason I believe in it is because I know first hand, the money is well spent.  I offer value equal to the value of b-school back to you because she doesn’t allow us to take money off the price for you.   

The answer to the B-School question is yes, if you are driven to build your business.  No if you’re not ready.  Go with the intention of it making you money, not you spending money on it.  If you can’t get into that mindset, it’s not a good idea.

PRE- B- School Training is free.  For me – it didn’t cost money, it made money.




When I say no-brainer, that’s what I mean from start to finish.

Synduit is not an expense.  It is a money saver, even, and especially for you who are not particularly cut out to be an entrepreneur. 

It leads me to wonder why I didn’t think to do this.  Lucky for all of us, SYNDUIT did.  They’ve made promotions for our programs so all you have to do is push a button!  They’ve even put in a list builder for you!  It’s a no-brainer. 

Plus, I’ve refused an affiliate fee, so they can apply it to your subscription price.  There is NO question, it’s a no-brainer,  you must take advantage of the Synduit offer. 

The only reason not to, is if you’ve already spent thousands and thousands and have a great launch and promotional group of sequences for our programs.

Sign up to attend the webinar with Synduit Wednesday and I’ll be on right before them.



 It’s all done for you.

Most businesses take years to build.  A couple years ago, I looked at our Inner Circle Membership, that I started by lucky accident, and is a huge part of The Health Coach Group, and decided that is how health coaches should be running your business.  You all work so hard to get one or two clients, and then get them where they need to be and that leaves your clients on their own and you off looking for new clients.  It’s hard to work that way.  So, I put together a course that teaches you how to have a membership.

The problem was, it was a lot of work when you’re seeing clients, or vacationing with husbands, and tight on money to run your business, and taking care of children.  The work is at the beginning, then it can be set up to be effortless if you want it to be.  

When I was working on our last program, Natural Health Immersion, I got an idea.  This is a program that is appropriate for all niches, all dietary theories, and life changing for all who adopt the practices and information provided.  It was a perfect program to turn into a membership business.  That’s what we did.  It’s only been out a few months and is successful and popular.  We have coaches who’ve turned it into a business that paid itself off in the first month.  THE FIRST MONTH!  That is a successful business model!  This one is a no-brainer too.

It, like b-school is dependent upon you.  not as much because I’ve worked it out for you, but you still have to get it up and running.  It does better with you involved, but you CAN hire people to run it for you.  You can vacation when you want to, you can work and help people, you can make it what you want it to be for you.  It is the perfect solution for any health coach, at any stage of your business.

The special Platinum Membership Package includes our $3500 November Event for FREE!.

Find out how to build your wellness business online. Wednesday 2/20 at 1cst 2et.


“Investing time in yourself is the only safe investment that will give you maximum return throughout life.”


     Tech Help

Most Coaches Need It Yesterday

If you have a Starter-Site, it’s already created to be as easy as can be, but, it still takes time and there still may be things that you need to know to make it work for you.  The Membership – Site also takes time to set up, run, and learn.  Plugins need to be changed, and sometimes, we don’t want to google for answers, we want someone to tell us how.

We’ll be scheduling a special training for hiring virtual assistants who are capable of taking care of these things at a reasonable price.  Zigi Media will be introducing their packages just for you, and life WILL get easier.


Business takes time to build.  It costs money.  If you invest in your business instead of spending money, business grows and you make more than you invest.

     Further Reading

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Platinum Package (Includes Business Planning, Online Marketing Mastery, List Building Pkg, and business coaching)

Inner Circle (Includes BA, OMM)

Done-for-you programs

Tell me where you are in your business building and what you’re stuck on.  Let’s see if we can get you “unstuck”.  Comment below.

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  1. Theresa

    I have recently purchased the Platinum program and I believe my website is in progress right now. I am anxious to get started with helping others and making sales. I will be on the Synduit call today as well. Any pointers of next steps is greatly appreciated.


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