I am immersed so heavily in the launch of B-School right now, that it is hard to think of much else besides entrepreneurship and business building.  I believe in B-School because it has made such a solid impact on my life.  It has affected my bank account, but more than that, it filled a need to help others and allows me to travel, visit my family and even …to stay home and enjoy normalcy if I want.  It has given me immense freedom.  Read my story in Marie’s Reviews.


I am so excited for everyone who is signing up to go through B-School this year.  This is an exciting year for me too!  My business has changed a lot in the last two years.  I was talking to Derek Halpern the other day and he has this new software program out.  He says he is treating this as a software business.  That made me think about DSD (Designed Sealed & Delivered®)…you know, I am treating that like a new product, not a software….so I am going to go through B-School again with my group and see where it leads, I bet I will surprise myself!  I am so excited.


I just finished printing out my first “Fun Sheets” titled “Start the Right Business”.  This is the first Bonus you get when you sign up and it is incredible.


These are my Top Tips to Get the Most Out of B-School (or Building Abundance, IIN or any other Course of Learning)


Tip #1


Keep a calendar.  I use a digital calendar now, Google Calendar, because it is connected to my email and it is easy and FREE.  For years I used Franklin Covey’s Calendar.  I had a really hard time switching over.  I would miss appointments whenever I tried.  I finally took 2 months and kept 2 calendars until I got comfortable with my calendar and I wasn’t losing appointments.  Google Calendar has a task list with a check off feature too.  I use this because it keeps me on track and it feels good to check things off.  My meetings schedule themselves!  If someone sends me a meeting invite, all I have to do is accept it and it is on my calendar with instructions for contact too!  Same thing in reverse, if I set a meeting it does the same for me and for my people who are invited.  I have standing Wednesday meetings with my team and all I have to do is go to my calendar, click on the link and I am in the meeting.  This year, Marie sent us a calendar for the B-School Launch and all I had to do was push a button and transfer all the dates to my calendar!  Anyone who has struggled with trying to keep kids’ activities in their calendar and updated can appreciate that.  I went to add Kora’s basketball calendar update yesterday and was interrupted 6 times.  I still don’t think it is all down.  Anyway…get a calendar (doesn’t have to be digital…but yay if it is!)  and write all your dates down and schedule your course release, activity dates, time to read and complete the workbooks…and don’t forget implementation.


Tip #2


A place for everything.  I told you it took a long switch over from my Franklin Covey, well, I have a confession to make…I still have it.  I write everything …and I mean everything, down in my FC!  It is the only paper allowed on my desk.  Why?  Because I lose notes.  With one book (my FC) I can write everything pertinent in one place and I can write it on the date that it happened.  This eliminates a lot of overwhelm for me.  I know some people do this digitally with Evernote.


Tip #3


Let your friends and family know what you are doing.  You know, your family is in this almost as much as you.  You are squeezing one more thing in.  Let them know what you are doing, let them know that what you normally are able to do…and really love doing, may be shorter, improvised or not happening.  Whenever I start something new that I know is going to take time away from my husband…I get him a card.  I tell him how much I love him and I tell him I am doing something really important for me…sometimes I go into detail and sometimes I don’t.  Then I tell him thank you for understanding and that if I am preoccupied or not available all the time…for the next 8-12 weeks.  This saves a lot of pressure.  I am not going to promise that it will relieve all the pressure, but it does help.


Tip #4


Take advantage of your support.  With the course you will have community, you should have a peer partner and in certain cases, (like Building Abundance Plus and B-School with THCG) you will have a business coach.  If this is the case…use them.  Let them hold you accountable and let them move you forward.  This type of accountability can make all the difference in the world.  Show up for your meetings and bring your finished work and implementation with you.


Tip #5


Eliminate the negative self talk.  Do you know who most of our fear, resistance and anxiety comes from?  US.  Read this to learn some ways to deal with negative self talk.  The thing is, when you get into this amazing community, you are going to see other people who are at all different places, some who are just like you and others who have gotten through all the beginning work and are there…some that are part of the way through and it makes it easier to see that anything is possible and that one thing you have to offer that is good and the world needs…is valuable and that it is possible to get it out into the world and make money doing it.  Seeing that all these highly successful people are just like you and me helps.  Get rid of the negative self talk, it is just you holding yourself back.


Tip #6


Don’t go down the rabbit hole.  OR…at least curtail your time down there.  I may be alone in this … because I love pretty things.  I love fonts and colors and branding gives me such a thrill!  I could spend hours of time looking at fonts and themes.  Well…more than hours … maybe days…or nights when you should be sleeping.  Have fun…but don’t get sucked too far down the hole…that you can’t come back up and get the really important details of building a business, brand, product and then communicating and marketing it.


Tip #7


Have fun!  This is an experience unlike any other you have had or will ever have again.  You are stepping into another world.  Enjoy every minute of it.


Have you been to B-School?  Share your Tips here!

On your way?  What is your negative self talk and how are you going to leave it at the door?

Thinking about B-School and unsure?  What are your questions?

Please comment below and share with your friends!


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  1. Amanda

    This is great advice Cathy, I have found myself getting pulled “down the rabbit hole” lately and your post really helped me to put things in perspective. Thanks!

  2. Cathy

    Great advice, Cathy. I found that while in the middle of B-School, #4 and #6 were key.

    Leveraging the support that was all around through the B-School member site as well as the Facebook communities was key during the program and has continued to play a vital role in my ability to stay focused and supported while working alone from home. Having a community of like-minded people going through the same stuff and/or speaking the same language is worth the price of admission alone.

    The biggest lesson I learned while at B-School is that it doesn’t need to be perfect. Just because it’s posted online doesn’t mean you can’t change it, add an image or hire someone to design a whole new site for you at a later date. The other side of that coin is that you learn the most by actually taking action on your ideas. Then you know if you’re on the right track, and you can improve from there.

    As hockey legend Wayne Gretzky says, “You will miss 100% of the shots you never take.” Having the support of the rest of the team means you’ll be cheered on as you try and have someone to buck you up and get you back on the ice when things don’t go as planned.

  3. Karen Yankovich

    Such great tips Cathy! I think tip #4 is one that is underestimated. WITH community support, amazing things can happen!

  4. Cheryl Love

    WOW…were you in my head! Negative Self Talk and Rabbit Holes get me every time! I am working on that Calendar today! I use both paper and Google because I too feel like I will forget something. But it has gotten me in trouble a few times when I had info on one and not the other and either double booked or totally forgot something. Step one in my organization – keep calendar updated daily and use a filing system!

  5. Heather

    “Going down the rabbit hole” is an expression I have been using on myself a lot lately! Maybe because it is deep winter where I live and feel slightly unmotivated. With that said, I am also going to redo B School again, and I am really looking forward to taking what I have learned in the last two years with my business and push it forward!

  6. Marian

    I won’t be able to go B-school this year but my best friend is. I’m sharing this with her because I know she needs all the help she can get to make it through and thrive.

  7. Ashlie Pappas

    So many great tips! Some I currently use, some I really need to! I am slowly trying to move into the digital world with a calendar. I am using Google for my Diamond Club travels, mainly because I can share it, but I have EVERYTHING in my Passion Planner. If I didn’t have my calendar, I don’t know what I would do. I have gotten a lot better about the rabbit hole trap. If I wait for perfection, I will never ever move forward so I am learning not to over think every detail. The negative self-talk is a work in progress, probably will be for some time. This is a great reminder which I greatly appreciate, especially on a night when I am trying to do 1,000,002 in 2 hours!

  8. Shani

    I really like the idea of having one book for notes. I think I just found a solution to my problem. I have several journals for different things, but when I leave the house to go to a meeting or see a client I find myself scrambling to find them. So I will have to use one and make sections. I also can spend days looking at fonts! lol When I first did my website I changed it so many times in one week. Someone said you know you don’t have to update it everyday! lol Hey at least they were looking!
    Thank you for the awesome tips!

  9. becky

    This is a great post with lots of good advice! I am soo disorgazined when it comes to my business and goals. I am not doing B School but I am doing IIN Immersion right now and can definitely apply these ideas to that. Thanks!

  10. farah

    It’s that time again! LAst year I didnt go throguh it again, but this year I think I might as I’m rebranding and with everything I have learned, I feel I need to refine. Number 3 0 tell your family is s abbey. Working from home they think I am surfing the net (I am ) and watching you tube (I am) and not generating anything (I am) so thanks for that tip.. And as others have also said – no6 – the rabbit hole one.. yep… tool long procrastinating on the trivial. Great tips Cathy – good luck everyone!

  11. Cynthia Djengue

    Great tips for a b-schooler. I know several who have taken the plunge. I think being organized is a great asset for any business person. Having fun cannot be left out. I have enjoyed all the adult learning I have done and look forward to even more.

  12. Shelley Ugyan

    Great tips here Cathy! I especially like the comment about changing your thinking…to the positive! I think this is the biggest challenge when building a business for sure. It sounds like B-School was a perfect tool for you- so great you can now share it with others!

  13. Johanna

    It’s so great that you found a program that you love and that loves you back. Thanks for all your tips!

  14. Mary Blackburn

    Great tips Cathy,

    I do keep a calendar but it’s not digital, I may have to do that one day, but today’s not that day. LOL

    I am finally learning to cut the negative talk. I still find myself doing it, but not nearly as often as I used to. Like you, I can so easily fall down the rabbit hole. I’ve found that keeping a kitchen timer on my desk and setting it for a determined amount of time and moving on when the timer goes off really helps me stay focused.

  15. april

    wonderful advice, cathy. (and well-timed. i’ve just started another course that needs my focus right now.) i read your b-school story the other day and enjoyed it. congratulations on your successes!

  16. Patricia

    Negative self talk can be a really killer for me. Thanks for all of the insight and suggestions!

    While B School isn’t financially feasible for me this year, I know I will definitely be doing it next year!

  17. Cathy W

    Thanks so much for these reminders! I have been down that rabbit hole so many times! Ugh! I am such a perfectionist that I have a lot of trouble with this. I also can easily fall into the negative self talk and appreciate the reminder of how important my own thoughts are.

  18. Maria

    Hi Cathy,
    I always love your posts.

    This is no different – excellent advice for anyone going through BSchool. I joined 3 years ago and it has changed my world.
    thanks Cathy for your wisdom and sharing your experience xx

  19. Elena

    Thank you Cathy for great tips. I don’t know how I long I am getting ready to get ready! This is perfect for me! And I tend to have that negative talk in my head – like sort of – it’s all there ! why would world need me? I learning – that I’m unique and I have to step out and B-School – I am so happy that you post this and share!

  20. Susan

    Thank you Cathy for a valuable list of reminders going into this program. One thing I have realized since working on my health coach business, that success and moving forward are tremendous antidotes to negative thinking. Despite that it may be small successes…your still moving forward. Isolation can magnify fear and stagnation. Staying connected to support and community help with forward momentum. THCG community/programs and Building Abundance have been instrumental in shaping my business. You have provided valuable insight, tips and strategies. I am excited to have this opportunity learn more from Marie Forleo and have the feedback and
    support of you and other health coaches. Totally awesome pairing!


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