We Believe You Can Change the World

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We Believe You Can Change the World. When we first started out, I knew that we would somehow give back to the community by expanding and broadening education on coaching, wellness, and business to better help you to run your business knowledgably, responsibly, and confidently.

My first thought was that we would make a monetary contribution in the form of scholarship funds for an existing school.  As we learned what was missing in most educational programs, we built our knowledge base until we got to the point where we could provide this to more people in a linear form.

I’m especially excited, after last year to be able to provide this to everyone.  The world’s been turned upside down.  Spa owners, gym owners, doctors, nurses, therapists, are all practicing a new kind of medicine and wellness.   

Health Coach University has successfully graduated doctors, nurses, teachers, pharmacists, and retailers to teach and coach wellness principles in health and life.


Since 2015

  • Do you want to belong to a growing group of health and wellness professionals offering wellness education and coaching through lifestyle changes?
  • This is your chance.  It is free.  We never charge for education.  

Class begins May 3, 2021


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