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We launched our 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge to health coaches from all over the world about 30 days ago.  There are already coaches out there changing lives with it.  What I want to share with you today, are the results our health coaches had, going through the 30-Day Challenge themselves with extreme weight loss challenge.  This is what we’re all here for, and this program is already making a difference in the world.

     Two Choices

Our coaches chose between two different plans; Extreme and Standard.

The difference between the two was that there were two workouts a day with the extreme and there was one workout a day with the standard.  The standard had an additional requirement, and that was to get 10,000 steps in a day.  For some people, this is easy.  For others, it is a challenge, a difference maker, and a step toward a longer life.

We had the same type of workouts.  Part of the exercises was resistance, and the other was cardiovascular.


The difference.

This program is only 30 days, you jump right into it and the enthusiasm and the momentum of the group makes it easy to engage.  The social element provides more of a feeling of unity, competition, and responsibility for the outcome of others. Almost everyone who started out, stayed with us.  The accountability is there.  Once you post your pictures and your weight you’ve developed a bond that is unlike any other.  You have to trust each other.  Amanda says “when you sweat together, you stay together.”

“A little progress each day adds up to BIG results.”



Requiring pictures helps.

Frankly, I was a little worried that people would be compliant.  We built it into the program that pictures and starting stats were posted within three days.  The photos were posted.  For some reason, when you get the initial stress, and sometimes the pain of sharing these, the rest is more comfortable.  You also learn you’re not alone.  For our health coaches, that was quite enlightening.

     An Opportunity to See and Feel the Change

Quick Wins – The Results

30 days isn’t enough to establish habits, but it’s a great start.  After 30 days, our people have made amazing changes.  

Standard Program  – 9 people finished with a total weight loss of 75.6 pounds – 8.4 pounds each

Extreme Challenge – 8 people finished with a total weight loss of 64.9 pounds – 8.11 pounds each

It was interesting that the results were similar.  

One thing to note is that the extreme group was less interactive in the last couple weeks.  A larger group and an active coach poking at them may have made a difference.

We had people who really enjoyed the extreme because they found it more interesting, personally rewarding, and challenging.

People in the standard challenge felt it was doable and the results show it was effective.  

Individual weight loss ranged between 22.2 pounds and 3 pounds.  The number of pounds lost correlated to starting weight with participants at 125 pounds losing 3 pounds and participants at a beginning weight of 275 losing 22.2 pounds. Percentage of total body weight was 2-8%.  

Because there was resistance training, the pounds reported lost are actually understated for fat loss.  There were more pounds of muscle gained while losing fat weight.

Overall the group was extremely pleased.  It was fun to watch because we had some very fit and toned coaches who hadn’t budged for years, who had changes in their measurements and weight.

One of our coaches lost 5.8 pounds overall, with 10-pound muscle gain.  She went from 34.8% body fat to 28%.  

Another coach went down one entire pant size.  She went from size 12 to size 10.

One of the biggest accomplishments of our participants was more energy.  We had many reports of more energy as they progressed.

One coach reported her blood pressure went from 147/133 to 131/85.  Her blood sugar went from 126 mg to 111 mg. 

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