“Implementing this Culinary Arts Program not only empowers you to significantly enhance your clients’ ability to create an enjoyable eating experience with healthy, fun lessons but also offers you the opportunity to generate passive income with online courses, workshops, and subscription-based wellness content that extends your reach beyond one-on-one sessions.”


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Integrating a culinary arts program into a health coaching practice offers a tangible, practical way for clients to see, understand, and experience the direct impact of healthy eating habits. Here’s why a health coach might find such a program invaluable:

  1. Enhances Engagement: Cooking is a hands-on activity. A culinary arts program invites active participation, making the learning process engaging and memorable for clients.
  2. Educational Value: It bridges the gap between knowing what to eat and understanding how to prepare it. Clients learn about nutritious foods and acquire skills to turn these ingredients into delicious meals.
  3. Personalization: Allows health coaches to tailor recommendations and cooking lessons to the specific dietary needs, preferences, and goals of each client, making advice more applicable and actionable.
  4. Empowerment: Clients gain the confidence to make healthier food choices and feel empowered knowing they can create meals that are both nutritious and enjoyable.
  5. Builds Community: Cooking together (even virtually) can foster a sense of community among clients, encouraging them to support and learn from each other.
  6. Business Differentiator: Offering a culinary arts program can set a health coaching business apart, highlighting a commitment to providing comprehensive, practical wellness solutions.

Incorporating a culinary arts program could be a game-changer for your practice, offering a holistic approach to health that empowers clients and enriches your coaching services. It’s an investment in delivering value that can significantly enhance client satisfaction and success.


Research-driven content for your clients so you can feel confident coaching your clients through their journey.


Incredible support for the coach to keep you organized and on track. Includes marketing, administrative, setup, and more.


Choose one-time payment, financing, or enterprise use for teams of more than one practitioner.

Client Discussion Topics

  • Farm-to-Table Movement
  • Global Cuisine Fusion
  • Food and Health
  • Culinary Technology
  • The Business of Food
  • Food Trends
  • Culinary Education
  • Food Media

This schedule is designed for health coaches to guide your clients through a comprehensive heart health journey.  The journey can be entirely self-guided with course material, or it can include coaching sessions.  The choice of how to run the program should be in alignment with your goals in business and the time allotted for one-on-one or group coaching.

  • OPTIONAL:  Post-Program Support

  • Ongoing: Monthly recipe and technique swaps.

Throughout the Program

  • Weekly Group Meetings: To discuss challenges, share successes, and foster community support.
  • Educational Material Distribution: Weekly emails modules, videos, and audio handouts with information, recipes, exercise tips, and motivational content.
  • OPTIONAL: App/Online Platform: Utilize for tracking progress, sharing resources, and facilitating communication between coach and participants.

This 12-Week schedule is a comprehensive framework that can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of different clients, ensuring a personalized approach to culinary arts.

This program could lead into a subscription Culinary Group for residual income for you and continued support for your client.

Content for your Client

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MODULE ONE: Introduction to Culinary Wellness

• Introduction to the program, what to expect.

MODULE TWO: Foundations of Culinary Wellness

• Introduction to the interplay between diet, health, and wellness.
• Basic nutrition principles for everyday health.

MODULE THREE: Culinary Skills for Everyday Cooking

• Essential kitchen safety and hygiene.
• Cooking techniques and meal preparation strategies.

MODULE FOUR: Creating Nutrient Dense Meals

• Planning and preparing balanced meals.
• Adjusting recipes for energy, weight management, and specific health goals.


MODULE FIVE: Understanding and Catering to Special Diets
    • Navigating common dietary preferences and restrictions.
    • Personalizing meals for clients with specific dietary needs.
MODULE SIX: Integrating Superfoods and Holistic Nutrition
    • Enhancing diets with superfoods and holistic health principles.
    • Encouraging mindful eating and stress reduction through nutrition.
MODULE SEVEN: Advanced Nutrition for Wellness
  • Deep dive into phytonutrients and their health benefits. 
  • Exploring the gut microbiome and the impact of food on gut health.
MODULE EIGHT: Sophisticated Culinary Techniques I
  • Advanced knife skills and presentation techniques.
  • Sous-vide cooking, fermentation, and other modern culinary techniques.
MODULE NINE: Sophisticated Culinary Techniques II
  • Exploration of global cooking methods that enhance nutritional content.
  • Practical application of advanced techniques in recipe development.
MODULE TEN: Sustainable Cooking Practices
  • Understanding the impact of food choices on the environment.
  • Strategies for sourcing ingredients locally and seasonally, and minimizing waste in the kitchen.
MODULE ELEVEN: Innovative Recipe Development
  • Creativity in health-conscious menu planning for different dietary needs.
  • Developing signature recipes that incorporate learned techniques and nutritional knowledge.
MODULE TWELVE: Presentation and Review
  • Preparing a complete menu that showcases advanced culinary skills and nutritional principles.
  • Presentations of final projects with feedback from peers and instructors.

Program Goals:

  1. Advanced Nutritional Knowledge: Build basic nutritional principles to include advanced topics such as phytonutrients, antioxidants, and gut health.
  2. Sophisticated Culinary Techniques: Introduce advanced cooking techniques that enhance flavor, nutrition, and presentation.
  3. Innovative Recipe Development: Encourage creative recipe design, focusing on health-conscious menus for various dietary needs.
  4. Sustainability in Cooking: Emphasize the importance of sustainable cooking practices, including seasonality, local sourcing, and minimizing food waste.


    “Joining the culinary arts program was the best decision I made for my health and career. The knowledge and skills I gained have been instrumental in helping me craft personalized nutrition plans and cooking classes for my clients. The course’s focus on sustainable, healthy eating practices has also sparked a deeper passion in me for nutritional education. I’ve witnessed firsthand the powerful impact that practical cooking skills can have on someone’s health and overall well-being. This program is an essential tool for anyone serious about making a lasting difference in people’s lives through nutrition and wellness.” EXAMPLE

    Nurse/Health Coach

    “As a health coach, I was looking for resources to better support my clients’ nutritional needs, and this culinary arts program went above and beyond. The comprehensive curriculum, expert instruction, and hands-on cooking sessions have enriched my practice immensely. I can now offer my clients not just advice, but practical solutions and skills to implement healthy eating habits that last. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see the positive changes in their lives. This program is a must-have for any health professional seeking to add real value to their services.” EXAMPLE

    Health Coach

    “Enrolling in the culinary arts program was a game-changer for my health journey. Each lesson was packed with invaluable insights on nutrition and practical cooking skills that have transformed the way I view food and wellness. I’ve never felt more empowered to make healthier choices that are both delicious and nourishing. This program has not only improved my own life but also the lives of my family members, who are now enjoying the benefits of wholesome, home-cooked meals. Highly recommend to anyone looking to elevate their health and culinary skills!” EXAMPLE

    Health Coach


    Support is built into the program

    Heart Health is a Premium program to offer your clients with materials, emails, and handouts, all professionally designed to have you up and running in about two weeks! You don’t have to worry about compiling content, crafting sales copy, or designing graphics (we’ve done it all for you!). You’ll be supported every step of the way so that you can focus on teaching your patient how to find their balance and joy.

    Support for the Coach 















    Designed for you

    • Medical Doctors
    • Chefs
    • GI Doctor
    • Naturopath
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Nurse
    • Pharmacist
    • Functional Practitioner
    • Registered Dietitians
    • Nutritionists
    • Health Coaches
    • Weight Loss Specialist
    • Herbalist
    • Athletic Trainer
    • Trainers
    • Holistic Mental Health Professionals
    • Dermatologist
    • Massage Therapist
    • Practitioners focusing on nutrition, inflammatory problems, anti-aging, stress management, hormones, beauty, relationships, fitness, spiritual, mental health

    Weekly Checklists

    e-Newsletter template, targeted opt-ins, social media graphics, and more.

    Bi-Weekly Topics and discussion Guide

    Coaching is easy when the planning and topics are set out for you.


    Share the program easily with pre-made marketing.

    Online Group Support

    Facebook group graphics, and discussion topics.


    Give away an opt-in and get an email to add to your list.

    liability and resources

    Included with modules.

    Admin Checklists

    Know exactly what to do for each week of the program.

    Coaching Guide

    Guides on recognizing eating disorders, scope of practice, running your program, client call checklist and more.

    Program Setup

    Includes set up guides for creating a Facebook group, conference calls, auto-responder drip how-to.

    Program Setup Guides

    Detailed Program Guide, weekly checklists, intake forms, liability information & resources.


    Beautiful layouts that are easy to teach and share.

    Email Content

    Bi-Weekly emails are written & ready for your email provider. Each email corresponds with the weekly module.

    Bi-Weekly Content

    Course content are designed in twice a week modules,  workbooks, and audio formats.


    Audio guides for your clients that take them through the modules.


    Video walk throughs with your materials for your clients to have one extra level of comprehension and learning.

    Bonus Materials

    Additional information to support your patient including education.

    *Optional FROM THCG

    Membership Mastery, Website & Delivery, Physician,  Dietitian, and Personal Trainer are available. Customization, Enterprise licensing, available in Business Package.

    Would you like to see more? 

    This program challenges your customers to participate in daily self care and comes out with unexpected transformation and ready for more.  See behind the scenes. 


    Along With ROI (Return on Investment Information) It will only take a few minutes.

    Purchasing and running a culinary arts program offers numerous advantages for coaches, enabling them to expand their services and enhance their practice in meaningful ways.

    1. Diversified Offerings: Adding a culinary arts program to your repertoire allows you to provide a broader range of services. This diversity can attract a wider audience, catering to clients interested in specific aspects of health and wellness, such as cooking and nutrition.
    2. Increased Value and Client Satisfaction: By teaching practical cooking skills alongside nutritional advice, you offer clients a more comprehensive health strategy. This added value can improve client satisfaction and success rates, as they’re equipped with the tools needed for sustainable lifestyle changes.
    3. Enhanced Credibility: Running a culinary arts program showcases your commitment to holistic health and positions you as a well-rounded expert in the wellness field. This can enhance your credibility, helping to attract more clients through word-of-mouth and professional referrals.
    4. New Revenue Streams: Incorporating a culinary program introduces additional revenue streams to your business model. You can charge for classes and workshops or even create online content, providing a financial boost while diversifying income sources.
    5. Personal and Professional Growth: Teaching a culinary arts program fosters personal growth and enhances your professional skill set. It encourages continuous learning and adaptation, keeping you engaged and passionate about your practice.
    6. Community Building: Cooking classes and workshops can foster a sense of community among your clients, creating a supportive environment that encourages shared experiences and mutual support. This can lead to higher client retention rates and a more vibrant practice culture.
    7. Marketing Opportunities: A culinary arts program offers unique content for marketing your services. Sharing client successes, tasty recipes, and cooking tips on social media and other platforms can increase your visibility and attract potential clients.

    Incorporating a culinary arts program into your health coaching practice not only enriches the services you offer but also contributes to your professional development and business growth. It’s an investment in your clients’ success as well as your own.

    Still curious about the program? Schedule a call with me, and I’ll address all your queries!


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    When you launch, use and report back to us!
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    When you launch, use and report back to us!
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    Frequently Asked Questions.  Here are some common questions asked of The Health Coach Group.

    What is Culinary Arts?

    Culinary Arts is a 12-week program; it’s the typical setup with modules, workbooks, video, and audio.

    Designed for support from health coaches to the public to educate and support culinary health and art.

    What will I Receive?

    This is a digital product. It will be ready for download on the scheduled release day. You will not receive a printed, hard copy of the book in the mail.

    It can be printed at your local printer or by you on your printer, or you may purchase a hard copy from us after you have purchased the digital copy. It is beautiful when printed.

    How Can I Use This Product?

    This program must be used for one on one or group health coaching – it is not for resale to other health coaches.

    You should use this program with your clients, and send out worksheets in the sequential order as set up.  You are welcome to change the order; that may void the physician’s approval.  You can send it digitally or have it printed out and hand or mail it to your clients.  You can change things, add things in, and take things out.  These are specifically designed to be flexible to each coach and client’s needs.

    Do I have to be a certified health coach to use this program?

    Our programs are meant to be used by all qualified health professionals, including but not limited to health coaches, nutritionists, dietitians, qualified personal trainers, psychologists, nurses, physicians and chiropractors, and life coaches.  

    How should I price my program?

    We can’t tell you what to price it, but can offer you a few guidelines.

    Can I give the digital books to my clients?


    Is customization included with the program?

    We do offer customization!  The pricing is provided on the website.  Check out this link:  Customizations

    Can I edit this program?

    Yes. We have a FREE tutorial on the program access page that teaches you how to edit a PowerPoint.

    How do I edit the program myself?

    Windows users – PowerPoint, Word, or the latest Adobe Acrobat,

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