Sharing The Health

This was my first endeavor with digital product creation and online marketing as The Health Coach Group

It was a lot of fun and taught me a lot about jv partnerships, collaboration and marketing through social media.

It was an incredible achievement for all of us.  I am grateful to the people who saw what I was doing and wanted to contribute.


100% goes to JDRF

Thank you to all of the Health Coach Contributors:

Shelley Alexander
Liz Ashlee
Edita Atteck
Andrea Beaman
Kristina Beck
Ramona Beville
Robin Berseth
Kirsty Bethell
Jimmy Boswell
Sasha Campbell
Tara Cendrowski
Kyle D’Amico
Marisa DiTommaso
Peggy Ennenga
Heather Ferber
Katie Flores
Rachel Frank
Sue Ann Gleason
Jaclyn Jackson
Leslie Keegan
Maura Knowles
Rita Kunkel
Janet Luongo
Diane Lusk
Elisa Markhoff
Danuta Micor
Beth Mincher
Alaina Muckell
Abigail Murphy
Andrea Pertnoy
Sarah Plummer
Tina Pruitt
Ashlie Sykora
Carol Takakura
Holli Thompson
Deb Vacca
Trish Wager
Janis White
Joanie White
Cynthia Winfield
Fatma Zaidi

Thank you to some of my mentors and nutritional heroes for their special contributions;

  • Andrea Beaman
  • Mimi Kirk
  • Holli Thompson
  • Penni Shelton
  • Paul Risse

Last, but not least. Thank you to my fabulous health coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (and Joshua for letting me have her for a year!). I can no thank Janet Luongo enough for her contributions and especially for her empowering way of cheer leading me on.

Fabulous Healthy Recipes and Health Tips from some of the world’s best health coaches!


All proceeds to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research)  

This is a digital product and will be available for download for $27.00.  You will receive a username and password and you will be able to access it, download or print it from our website at your convenience.