Customizable Done-For-You Coaching Programs

Explore a Comprehensive Range of Customizable, Ready-to-Launch Coaching Programs

Done-for-You Subscription/ Long-term Membership Programs

Presenting a Membership Business Model Exclusively Designed for Coaches.

Invest just once in our “Natural Health Immersion” program, and reap the benefits over time by offering it as a subscription service to your clients. This way, you can generate a steady stream of recurring revenue.

Our signature program, Natural Health Immersion (NHI), is more than just a product—a turnkey subscription model designed to attract and retain clients. Make NHI your own, and transform your business with a robust, recurring revenue stream.

Done For You Wellness Programs


 Natural Health Immersion

– Premium MEMBERSHIP Program –

Done For You Wellness Programs


Live Your Best Life 

– Premium MEMBERSHIP Program –

PROGRAM OF THE MONTH – 50% off and a FREE Starter Site!

PLUS, A one-month free Inner Circle membership will get you started on the right foot.  Get Weekly assistance during Office Hours!

Every time I review these programs to put up as program of the month, I fall in love with them all over again and remember how important they are! This is a good one that can be included in every healthy living regimen for upscaling your clients’ quality of life.  I ‘m pretty proud and excited about this program.  

It solves a mountain of problems for our health coaches and creates a professional, responsible, option for health coaches who want to work in weight loss.  Not only that, we have had incredible results for the people going through this program.  Lots of weight lost and the loss is sustained.  This is what we’re in this business for – changing lives by helping people to establish healthy habits and be well.



Without Years of Product Creation

and Long Grueling Hours of Tech Overload

While You Live the Life You Choose

and Make a Difference in the Lives of Others

…and enjoy the credibility and professional support of medical professionals.


Premium Programs

Done For You Coaching Programs That Save You Time So You Can Focus On What Truly Matters

Our premium programs provide the essential health coaching templates for your success. We are not just creators; we are a team of experienced health coaches who understand what it takes to succeed. We’ve crafted these programs with the intent of allowing you to replicate our proven success strategies effortlessly.

Through our premium programs, we’re offering you more than just templates; we’re sharing the blueprint to our own success. Let us help you accelerate your journey to becoming a successful health coach.

healthy sleep Done For You Wellness Programs



stress reliving Done For You Wellness Programs



Standard Programs

Propel Your Wellness Business and Empower Your Clients with Comprehensive Wellness Education and Support

Our standard wellness coaching programs are designed to serve as the launchpad for your business, irrespective of your professional background. Whether you’re a doctor, functional practitioner, naturopath, chiropractor, registered dietitian, personal trainer, or general health coach, our programs can significantly boost your venture while reinforcing your credibility among clients.

We offer you the tools and resources you need to impart robust wellness education and support to your clients. By leveraging our standard programs, you can create a meaningful impact on your client’s health journeys and concurrently elevate the reputation of your business. Embrace the potential of our standard programs and watch your wellness enterprise soar.

3 month Done For You Wellness Programs, 6 month Done For You Wellness Programs, 9 month Done For You Wellness Programs, 12 month Done For You Wellness Programs


28 Sessions

healthy holiday Done For You Wellness Programs




Choose From 100’s of Modules- New Modules Added Daily

Standard Community Programs

 Hands-On Health Coaching Programs with a Community-Centric Approach

Offer your clients more than just health advice; provide them with the invaluable benefits of community support, guidance, and motivation. Our Standard Community Programs are designed to enable you to deliver top-tier health coaching content while fostering a sense of community amongst your clients.

These programs are not just beneficial for your clients; they also serve as a catalyst for your business’s growth. By integrating community-oriented health coaching into your practice, you’ll enhance the services you offer and strengthen the bond between your clients, fostering an environment of shared growth and collective success. Embrace our Standard Community Programs, and witness your business flourish.

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