Congratulations on your interest in our “Heal Your Clients’ Gut, Build Your Business!” program! This comprehensive done-for-you program is designed to help you support your clients for 12 months or longer, allowing you to grow your business while providing exceptional care.

Here’s what you can expect from the program:

    1. Comprehensive Gut Health Guide: A detailed guide that covers essential information on gut health, common gut issues, and how to support your clients in addressing them.
    2. Nutritional Plans: Various meal plans and recipes tailored to support gut health, including options for clients with specific dietary restrictions or preferences.
    3. Supplement Recommendations: A list of recommended supplements to support gut health, along with guidelines on how to use them safely and effectively.
    4. Lifestyle and Stress Management Tips: Strategies and tools to help your clients manage stress and improve their overall well-being, supporting gut health.
    5. Progress Tracking Tools: Customizable tracking sheets and progress reports to help you and your clients monitor their progress and celebrate their achievements.
    6. Marketing Materials: Professionally designed brochures, flyers, and social media graphics to help you promote your gut health services and attract new clients.
    7. Ongoing Support: Access to a community of fellow health professionals, as well as regular updates and additional resources to help you stay up-to-date on the latest gut health research and best practices.

    Once your order is complete, you’ll receive instant access to all the program materials and resources. Start healing your clients’ gut and building your business today!

    Premium or Membership

    Healthy Gut


    Healthy Gut Program

    Your client is looking for a reliable solution to help them feel their best again. We’ve included all the tools they need to wake up pain and symptom-free. Healthy Gut educates your client on optimal nutrition and lifestyle habits for the long-term.

    Healthy Gut provides a deeper, more holistic approach to understanding the role of nutrition and lifestyle in optimal health.

    Physician Reviewed and Approved

    Confidently teach people how to unlock the power of food to heal their gut and feel great.


    Research-driven content for your clients so you can feel confident coaching your clients through their journey.


    Incredible support for the coach to keep you organized and on track. Includes marketing, administrative, setup, and more.


    Choose one-time payment, financing, or enterprise use for teams of more than one practitioner.

    Content for your Client


    Client Discussion Topics

    • Open-ended questions (provided)
    • SMART Goals
    • FAQ’s, like; where will I get protein?, do I need extra vitamins?
    • Fun ways to try new foods
    • How to deal with unsupportive family, friends and coworkers
    • Progress not perfection

    Supplementary Modules

    Detailed instructions that were written by a dietitian on how to successfully go through an elimination diet, step-by-step.  We educate your client on what foods to eliminate, for how long and how to strategically add them back in while identifying their own food sensitivities.
    This module goes into detail on what supplements are beneficial for healing leaky gut, improving digestion and a healthy microbiome. We don’t recommend specific brands, we leave that up to you to discuss with your clients if you choose.

    This module dives deep into the research regarding the relationship between our gut health and overall health. How the two are linked and how one can throw off the other.


    This module contains specific instructions for keeping track of progress during the elimination and reintroduction phases. 183 Days


    This module contains instructions for keeping track of progress long term and keeping your client motivated. 183 Days

    MODULE ONE: Fact Finding
    Discover the importance of the microbiome, nutrition facts vs myths and the difference between an elimination diet protocol vs food sensitivity testing.
    MODULE TWO: A Good Day

    Educate your client on how to establish healthy habits and daily routines to keep them on track.

    MODULE THREE: Healthy Gut Drinks

    In this module we clear the confusion on drinks – what’s beneficial for the microbiome and what your client should avoid for optimal gut health.

    MODULE FOUR: Meal Planning
    We’ve provided meal planning educational tools to help your client learn how to plan out meals themselves. To get them started, we’ve provided example meal plans created by a Registered Dietitian.
    MODULE FIVE: Toxins
    This module reviews what toxins are, where they come from and how to avoid them. We discuss the importance of reducing toxic exposure and how they can become harmful to our health by throwing off the delicate balance of good vs bad bacteria.
    MODULE SIX: Mindfulness
    This program isn’t about counting calories or macronutrients, in this module we discuss how to eat mindfully and why journaling can help your client reach their goals faster.
    MODULE SEVEN: Fitness
    We already know fitness is a key component to a healthy lifestyle, but recent studies tell us that our physical activity directly affects the balance of our microbiome. This module will help educate your client on how to get started with physical exercise, the different types of exercise and how to create a balanced regimen.
    MODULE EIGHT: Stress
    Managing stress is important for our overall health – here we talk about how detrimental stress can be for our gut health. Our stress levels are a reflection of the type of bacteria (good or bad) found in our microbiome as well as the integrity of our gut health. On top of improving the microbiome, we provide practical stress-reducing techniques.
    MODULE NINE: Candida
    Candida can be an issue for a lot of people. This module reviews what candida is and why it can be bad for our health. We also discuss how to handle a yeast overgrowth problem that could be contributing to your client’s symptoms.
    MODULE TEN: Too Clean
    Our society can become overly obsessed with cleanliness, unfortunately, this can be bad for our gut health. This module discusses the problems associated with being too clean as well as the importance of a diverse microbiome.
    Your client will learn the importance of sleep for overall health and the recovery process. We provide tips from sleep experts on how to optimize sleep for better gut health.
    MODULE TWELVE: Keeping It Together
    After a long journey of working on their gut health – we provide ways for your client to continue their success and stay on track with their new healthy lifestyle.

    relevant topics


    • Facts
    • Diseases
    • Triggers
    • Symptoms
    • Healing
    • Eliminating the Cause
    • What NOT to Eat
    • Tests
    • Elimination Diet
    • 4R®
    • Mindfulness
    • Tracking


    • Food Planning
    • Low-Cost Meals
    • Kitchen Tips
    • Fasting
    • Food Preparation
    • Easy Meals
    • Substitutes
    • Habits
    • Taking Stock & Recommitting
    • Renewing Your Purpose
    • Resilience
    • Supplements


    • Dietary Theories
    • Exercise
    • Toxins
    • Medicines
    • Sleep
    • Hormones
    • Stress Relief
    • Self Care
    • Helping Others
    • Your Environment
    • Travel
    • Going Forward


    Your Client

    • Maintaining a healthy gut
    • Environmental allergies
    • Food allergies or sensitivities
    • Autoimmune disease 
    • Thyroid disorders 
    • Hormone imbalances
    • PCOS
    • Brain Fog 
    • Sinus Problems
    • Migraines
    • Nutrient deficiencies 
    • Skin issues such as acne, eczema, psoriasis
    • Diabetes and blood sugar problems
    • Obesity, Inability to gain weight
    • Mood disorders such as anxiety & depression
    • Digestive disorders such as gas, bloating, IBS, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, acid reflux


    An elimination diet protocol designed by a registered dietitian to identify underlying food sensitivities.


    Healthy Gut will improve your clients overall health, helping them achieve a healthy weight.


    Add value to your Healthy Gut by creating a community for additional support.


    Help your client work towards good health and reach their goals.


    Motivate and inspire your client to reach their goals.


    Dairy-free, grain-free, legume-free anti-inflammatory paleo recipes.


    Delicious and creative vegan recipe options for your clients created by a registered dietitian.


    Education on the different types of fitness and how to get started.


    We teach your client how to live a healthy balanced lifestyle with Healthy Gut.


    This program can be customized to any dietary theory to fit your customers needs.

    Would you like to see more? 

    Get a “behind-the-scenes” viewing and see why this is the answer for any business working with gut health.


    Along With ROI (Return on Investment Information) It will only take a few minutes.

    Still curious about the program? Schedule a call with me, and I’ll address all your queries!



    This program has personal meaning for me.  I healed my own leaky gut and totally cured my critical sinus problems.

    Gut issues are like a merry-go-round (but not fun) because it creates other issues that create other issues, that make the original problem even worse.

    After a year of invasive, expensive GI testing and no diagnosis, I’d almost given up. With these changes, I noticed a difference in 24 hours! I went from being home-bound 1/2 the day to freedom of movement and a whole new health and energy.

    This was a whole new way of eating for me and it wasn’t easy. I wish that I would have had some of the help that we’ve added to this program. The group support with people going through the same thing, daily email support, full and clear educational information instead of a medical study printout that was difficult to understand.

    Finding the right foods was hard, even with a dietitian, so we’ve been sure to embellish this program with easy and delicious recipes to enjoy.  We’ve actually made it fun. Plus it’s a lot easier when you aren’t going it alone.




    Support is built into the program

    You don’t have to worry about compiling recipes, crafting sales copy or designing ads (we’ve done it all for you!). You’ll be supported every step of the way so that you can focus on teaching your patient how to eat in a way that supports their gut health.

    Support for the Coach 























    Designed for you

    • Functional Medicine Practitioners
    • MD’s
    • Health Coaches
    • Mental Health Practitioners
    • Dentists
    • Integrative Nutritionists
    • Gastroenterologists
    • Neurologists
    • Nurses
    • Pharmacists
    • Naturopathic Doctors
    • Registered Dietitians
    • Hormone Experts
    • Longevity Wellness Specialists
    • Chinese Medicine Practitioners
    • Nutritionists
    • Weight Loss Specialists
    • Personal Trainers
    • Sports Conditioning Specialists
    • Holistic Mental Health Professionals
    • Brain Specialists
    • Skin Care Professionals (gut skin connection)
    • Sleep Specialists
    • Pain Management
    • Practitioners focusing on Autoimmune Disease, Cancer, Autism, Allergies, Skin conditions, Diabetes, Mental Health, Hormones, PCOS

    “Wow the recipes! So many and gorgeously laid out. Well done Cathy Sykora!”

    Roo M.

    Verified Buyer

    What an amazing program! The presentation is professional and clean with extensive educational materials for improving gut health, brain health and autoimmune disease.

    Jenna B.

    Verified Buyer

    Do you still have questions?

    Contact me for a strategy session.  Find out if this is the program for you.  Get your questions answered.

    Sales Page

    Connect, inform and sell. Your sales page does that!

    Online Marketing

    Facebook ad templates, blog post topics with a schedule and 52 Facebook group food graphics and discussion topics.


    Share the program easily with pre-made marketing. Posters, flyers, and leaflets designed to promote the Healthy Gut program you can easily customize, print & share. Now includes Workshops / Webinars, Handouts, Sales Sequences, and more.


    A beautifully branded website that’s ready to launch (optional).


    Give away an opt-in and get an email to add to your list.


    Healthy Gut is backed by medical doctors and dietitians so you and your customers can feel confident.

    Admin Checklists

    Know exactly what to do for each week of the program.


    Specially designed meal plans, grocery lists, and recipe book. Meal planner, transitional meal planner, grocery lists, and recipe book.

    Setup Guides

    We teach you how to setup the Facebook group and email automation.

    Program Guide

    Detailed Program Guide with dietary instructions, weekly checklists, intake forms, liability information & resources.

    Delivery Methods

    Multiple material delivery method options including modules, video, & audio with step-by-step guides for each.


    Beautiful layouts that are easy to teach and share.


    Audio guides for your clients that take them through the modules.

    Email Template

    We’ve included a beautiful email template that’s ready to send out to your list!

    Email Content

    12 newsletters written & ready for your email provider. Each email corresponds with the weekly module.

    Coaching Guide

    Guides on recognizing eating disorders, scope of practice, running your program, client call checklist and more.

    Weekly Content

    Course modules are designed in weekly workbooks, video, and audio formats. e-Newsletter template, targeted opt-ins, social media graphics, posters, Facebook ads, and more.


    Monthly videos that guide your client through the healthy gut protocol.


    Membership Mastery, Website & Delivery, Dietitian, Personal Trainer are available.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    By purchasing this program, you agree to these Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.  Refund Policy:  If you purchase this program and don’t love it, let us know, and we will cheerfully refund your payment in full.

    To receive the refund:

    1. You must email us at support@thehealthcoachgroup.com attaching your receipt.
    2. State your reason for seeking a refund.
    3. Include a note confirming that you have not downloaded or printed out any of the program materials and that you will not use the program or try to gain access to it in the future.
    4. You must request your refund and provide the above information within 24 hours of your purchase.

    All Terms and Conditions and all of our copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights remain indefinitely, even after a refund has been provided.

    “Wow the recipes! So many and gorgeously laid out. Well done Cathy Sykora!”

    Roo M.

    “Really happy that this program is now available!”

    Eric Verified Buyer


    “The content is great! Easy to understand….practical.”

    Rhonda Cambridge-Phillips, MD physician approval  

    “I’m very excited by this new program. What a great investment”

    Devon Verified Buyer

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    “Anticipate Client Success and Profitability with Your Program”

    With our comprehensive program, you can confidently anticipate meaningful outcomes for your clients. The profitability of selling programs like ours makes it an attractive business model. The reason is it only takes a handful of customers participating in the program to recover your initial investment. Beyond that, you’re looking at pure profit. Moreover, there’s no necessity to impose exorbitant fees for the program; it presents itself as a cost-effective solution for your clients, ensuring affordability and value.

     Choose The Payment Plan That Works Best For You

    For an Enterprise Solution (Seven (7) or more practitioners) contact support@thehealthcoachgroup.com






    Frequently Asked Questions.  Here are some common questions asked of The Health Coach Group.

    What is the 12 Month Healthy Gut Program?

    The Healthy Gut program is a 12 month beautiful, professional guide to coaching clients through the gut healing process. It is for qualified health professionals and includes forms, educational information for clients, a guided elimination diet, supplement protocols and assessment tools. We’ve included everything your client needs to heal their gut troubles, feel better and sustain the results long-term. Healthy Gut contains modules on specific topics like candida, leaky gut, inflammation, lifestyle, stress management, supplements, elimination diet and more. You may have been using a similar protocol in your practice to get to the root of your clients symptoms, but this program gives you comfort, professionalism and tools to make things more efficient for your client. This takes the stress off of you while giving your client the same great results. 

    What will I Receive?

    Healthy Gut is a digital product. It will be ready for download immediately. You will not receive a printed, hard copy book in the mail.

    It can be printed at your local printer or by you on your printer or you may purchase a hard copy from us after you have purchased the digital copy. It is beautiful when printed.

    How Can I Use This Product?

    This program must be used for one on one or group health coaching – it is not for resale to other health coaches.

    You should use this program with your clients, and send out worksheets and handouts in advance of your meetings.  You can send it digitally or have it printed out and hand or mail it to your clients.  You can change things, add things in and take things out.  These are specifically designed to be flexible to each coach and client’s needs.  You will need to leave the copyright in place and notate the changes that you made. 

    Do I have to be a certified health coach to use this program?

    Our programs are meant to be used by all qualified health professionals, including but not limited to health coaches, nutritionists, dietitians, qualified personal trainers, psychologists, nurses, physicians and chiropractors, and life coaches.  

    I want to be able to choose when my clients are introduced to advanced nutrition principles, how do I do this with your program?

    You have mainstream info to start with…and a supplemental advanced nutrition module you can give your people when you think they are ready.  That can be at the beginning…or the end …or the middle, all clients are different and you are the one who knows when the right time is.

    How much should I charge my customers for this program?

    There are many considerations in pricing your done-for-you coaching programs. Consider the following: Healthy Gut Done For Your Pricing

    Can I give the digital books to my clients?


    Is customization included with the 12 Month Healthy Gut Program?

    We do offer customization!  The pricing is provided on the website.  Check out this link:  Customizations

    Can I edit this program?

    You are allowed to edit the program as you see fit, though the Physician Approval only applies to the unedited version.  We have a FREE tutorial on the program access page that teaches you how to edit a Powerpoint.

    How do I edit the program myself?

    Windows users – PowerPoint, Word, or the latest Adobe Acrobat,

    Mac users –  Office for Mac

    The Program was created in PowerPoint to give you more options for use.  You will get the best results by editing the PowerPoint Presentation.

    I'm ready to help people transform their health and lives.

    Still Have Questions or Need Help?

    We’re happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the best decision for you.

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