Cathy’s Six Figure Coaching

Want a health coaching business that stands out and makes money? I’ll talk you through it.

Tired of struggling in your business? No idea how to start making money?

If you’re a health professional, doing it for fun or money, who needs help building a business that doesn’t have cobwebs – and need clients who will pay you to work with them – I can help.

Why do you need help? Well, to be honest, many health professionals are good listeners and good teachers, counselors, partners, and trainers – but aren’t exactly shining at business.

Do you have problems that are driving you crazy in your business? I can help. Ever wonder what we could do with an hour alone together? My roster of clients includes over 7,000 health coaches. I won’t be able to work with everyone – but I’m going to try to work with those I can.

Cathy Sykora

Founder of The Health Coach Group


  • You want to make a difference in the lives of others -have the drive and desire, but don’t have enough clients, money or time?

    I get it!  You have hopes and plans and the clients are all standing at your door waiting to get in.  Surprise!  I can help you with this.  You need an expert marketer {me} to show you the way – then customers WILL come to you!

  • You have great intentions…but you lack motivation and follow through?

    Guess what, I can’t do it for you – but, I’ll help you get a business plan so you know exactly what direction you’re headed and you are confident to move forward trusting your plan.  We will get your bank account growing once and for all.

  • You just want to sit down and cry when you hear the words – membership site, auto-responder, online meeting software?

    Believe me – you aren’t alone.  I have been working with health coaches and IT people – and I’d just as soon leave it to the experts – and I have.  We built – pretty much a business in a box for you  – website, delivery – all of it.  I can tell you what parts to do and which to run away from.

  • You really want to do it on your own – but you know for a fact you don’t know everything you need to get your business up and running?

    I do!  From 0- to 7 figures, I can help you!  I know systems that know systems and it is all that.  Put your plan into motion and you will think you’ve been running a business all your life.

  • Thinking it’s about time that you have a business that runs without you every now and then?  You’d like to travel the world and make money as you go port to port?

    That’s right where I was in 2012, tied to brick and mortar and looking at staying in the same place FOREVER…and I created a business that allows me to go where ever I want – whenever I want.  I can teach you all the things that work and save you the trouble of doing it wrong.

So…how much time should we spend together?

I have to tell you the truth – I don’t know. It depends on:

where you are, where you are headed, how I can help you get there

If you’re not sure, book an hour and we can talk about it.


Overview of Business Strategies

Build Your Client List

Make Money With Your Blog

Build Joint Ventures

Achieve Health Coach Super Stardom!

Create Your Own Unique Story

Consistently Generate Quality Leads

Create Passive Income Streams

Create Your Own Seminars (Tele-seminars)

Gather your “High-Powered” Team

Create a FREE Give-Away Package to Attract Even More Clients

Gain Credibility



Create a steady stream of clients


Charge what you are worth


Become focused instead of overwhelmed


Get private, individual coaching



Spend your time working unproductively




Work in overwhelm

Ready to Get Serious About Your Business?

How soon can we start?

We’re going to try to make time for you – we can usually get an hour in pretty quick. It may take a week or so to get a long term schedule set up.

Will we get along?

We’re pretty easy to get along with. There are two cases I could see big problems …if you don’t show up … or if you make excuses. Working with us will be a positive experience and for that time we are together…I am focused on you and making your business sing. You have to decide to make that move- commit to yourself…or slowly slide back.

Which option should I choose?

To be perfectly honest – I don’t know. How much time required varies on each person and business’s needs and goals. It depends on:

  • Where you are
  • Where you are headed
  • How we can help you get there

If you’re not sure, book a session and we can talk about it.

What is the cost?

It isn’t cheap. But it’s worth every penny. This is an investment with a REAL view for return. Expect a lot. You can view the outcome and invest in it…or look for whatever comes for what you will spend. This is where you make that commitment to yourself and reap the rewards.

There are no refunds for One-on-One Business Coaching. Make sure you make the right decision for you and/or your company before purchasing. By purchasing this course, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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  • 2 power hours per month – maximum growth potential here + This will give me time to get to know you and your business and look ahead. + PREREQUISITE: You must have a Platinum or Diamond Package to use this 12 Month Coaching Package.




Still Have Questions or Need Help?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the best decision for you. 

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