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Updated from May 2019

One of the scariest things, according to most of you, is advertising and spending money to get your name out in front of the public.  Most of my focus has been on list building and social media.  They are both important and will increase sales in your business if you are consistent, have the right message, audience, and a compelling call to action. touch-point

In brick and mortar business, I’ve always followed the 7 touch-point rule.  You need to have your product and your business in front of your customer a minimum of 7 times before you will make an appointment or sell something to them.  

All the research I see today says 6-14 times.  Because of the crazy online busyness, I would double those numbers.  Most of you get in front of a person once or maybe twice.  You have such an incredible gift to share, but if no one knows about you, you have no one to share it with.  Get your face, your name, your brand, your message out there.  Become recognizable and when they are READY to buy they WILL come to you and you’ll see your sales increase.

What are touch-points?

many, many options

Touch-points are the number of times that a potential client or client has contact with a business, or product, or person representing a business.  It’s during these touch-points that the client decides if they’ll do business with a company or buy it’s products or services.  There are touch-points which make up a client’s experience before, during, or after a purchase.  So those touch-points are important all the way through.  They determine if you’ll get repeat business or referrals too.

Today we’re going to be primarily focused on the “before” touch-points.  

It’s important that you diversify your touch-points so you learn which are most effective for your target market.  I’ve always said not to bury yourself in social media.  That is still true, find out which one or two platforms are best for your clients and don’t do more than that.  Focus and do those well instead of spreading yourself too thin.

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points. ‘”  Jonah Sachs

Your clients experience with your brand is your story.  Be sure your story is authentic and engaging.


Pick, try them out, expand, adjust, analyze and improve.

 The ways you can make contact with potential customers is limited only by our imagination.  Here is a list of different touch-points:

  1. social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn) interaction and advertising
  2. email marketing
  3. direct mail
  4. newspaper
  5. radio
  6. television
  7. SEO
  8. programmatic ads (Google)
  9. workshops
  10. webinars
  11. clinics
  12. store demonstrations
  13. vendor events
  14. trade shows
  15. referrals
  16. business cards
  17. special signature
  18. blogs
  19. podcasts
  20. quotes and pricing
  21. vehicle ads
  22. magazine ads
  23. text messaging
  24. website
  25. voicemail
  26. events 
  27. exposure through joint ventures
  28. packaging
  29. you and the way you treat people
  30. office
  31. sales channels
  32. sampling
  33. sponsoring
  34. person-to-person
  35. public relations
  36. testimonials

Your brand is important.  Your brand should be apparent in each point of contact.  The more times you “touch”, the more likely your potential client will remember you.  Keep it simple, honest, and provide value in each point of contact.

We’ll talk again about how important the client experience is.  Once you have a customer, you need to make sure they’re happy and satisfied.  You also need to learn when to say no.  We’ll talk about that too.

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