Twenty Questions for Coaches

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Mindfulness Changes Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, and Years 

Twenty Questions for Coaches. Starting your day mindfully can change your life.  We, as health coaches should be constantly aware of this.  Sometimes we spend more time taking care of our clients than ourselves.

 Start your day off with good habits and you may find that your life will change too. 

Questions you ask yourself may redirect your thoughts, mindfulness may increase your likelihood to follow through. 



Here are questions to ask yourself every morning:

  1.  What can I get excited about today? 
  2. What am I grateful for today?
  3. What kind of person do I want to be today?
  4. How can I make a difference in the lives of others?
  5. Someone who will benefit if I am at my best?
  6. What can happen today if I am at my best?
  7. How can I do today that is using my best abilities?
  8. What could happen today that isn’t good for me?  How could I turn that around?
  9. If I was coaching myself, what might I tell myself?
  10. Should I have a coach?
  11. What do I most want to accomplish today?
  12. What are my big goals?  How can I act on them in some way today?
  13. What may take up time that shouldn’t?  How can I eliminate that?
  14. How would I know that today was successful?
  15. What do I have to get done today?
  16. Who should I connect with?


It is amazing how close each of us is to true health and happiness.  All we have to do is to take the power one step at a time.  Make changes in your own life, and you’ll surely make a difference in the lives of others.


Each of us can spread health and happiness faster than a virus.


Nightime Questions 

  1.  What did I do well today?
  2. What did I learn today?
  3. What did I enjoy today?
  4. What can I do better tomorrow?

  1. eat more fruits and vegetables
  2. Minimize stress
  3. wash your hands
  4. get enough sleep
  5. drink in moderation
  6. exercise every day
  7. eat at home
  8. list your gratitude
  9. keep it clean
  10. a good book is your friend
  11. plant your garden
  12. forgive others
  13. share generously
  14. learn something new


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